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Episode 155: Nerdist Podcast
Tim Minchin
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #155: TIM MINCHIN

Chris goes to London and sits down with Tim Minchin because standing to podcast is weird. Tim talks comedy in Perth, Edinburgh, and the Higgs Boson. Fill your brain withi his brilliant musicianship/comedyism at or follow @timminchin!

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  1. Alex says:

    I served this guy booze in the VIP room of Wembley Stadium during a Muse gig. Did not realise he was famous!

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m a huge fan of Tim. I saw him once live in Philly, and his whole set was just great. The stand-up flowed so well into the music. He’s also just a great guest generally for the podcast, imo. He’s not merely a comedian, but his “world view” as he always mentions is rooted heavily in logic. So much of the humor in his act comes from skepticism and science which seems like it would go hand in hand with most of the listeners. Anyhoo. Great interview, and thanks for tacking on Rock n Roll Nerd at the end there.

  3. @thefretboard says:

    I just re-listened Tim’s song and had a chuckle that he ended it with the beginning of “Stairway to Heaven.” Noticing that made me enjoy Tim’s sense of humor that much more. Bravo!

  4. JonBoy says:

    Great episode! Inspirational stuff. Whilst I’m not looking to pursue a career in comedy (or stand up to be specific) . I am a guy in Melbourne trying to get creative work and complete personal projects without procrastinating too much – would posting this comment be considered procrastinating?

    Despite being an Aussie I’ve never given Tim’s work a real look, but I will certainly be doing that now. Thanks guys, you’ve inspired me to keep at it.

  5. First Nation says:

    I loved this episode! Its great when guests from the science community or people of the more nerdy persuasion really take nerd status to another level. Whether it’s Dr. Tyson schooling people about how science really works or Tim commenting on the Higgs, I can’t get enough hearing about science from people who care as much as they do about it. I am quite familiar with both Dr. Brian Cox and Tim working together and have enjoyed their work as well. So, this was great to gain some insight into Tim’s background. Thanks for this awesome ep Chris!

  6. -Di. says:

    Suggestion: Wayne Gladstone.

    He started Hate by Numbers. This video project is now fully fan funded. He does a weekly article for

    Ever wonder what would happen if the internet suddenly stopped working? He just wrote a series of articles on this called Notes from the Internet Apocalypse.

    His tweets are epic. (@wgladstone) He has awesome taste in twitter followers (he follows me @dihard11 ). Seriously he would be an awesome guest.


  7. Chris Hardwick says:

    @A User: Hey man! First off, thank you for listening. Second off, The Nerdist Podcast is essentially a pretty straight-forward representation of myself, Matt & Jonah. I cover things I love and invite others to listen in and hope they like it too. Stand-up is my first and foremost passion and it’s what I know best, so we have a lot of comics on. I work in the entertainment biz and until December was booking the podcast myself so the guests were people I could ask personally to come on. With 155 episodes in the can I question your complaint, though. We cover lots of other areas and I think if you looked closely you would see that the majority of people on have, in fact, NOT been stand-up comics. Also, I think you can still learn things from people and apply them to your own interests by listening to their processes even if you don’t follow their craft devoutly.

    I hope this is satisfactory to you and I know you’re not attacking. I sincerely thank you for your comment and am certainly open to suggestions if you want to post them here for areas or people you think we should cover. If any of them grab my attention, I’ll try to make it happen!


  8. Paute says:

    Thank you!! I was waiting for this!. Thanks a lot!
    Cheers from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  9. A User says:

    At which point will Nerdist Industries realize that all nerds are not comedy-centric and split into a comic-centric division and a nerd-driven division. The term ‘nerd’ does not inherently mean comedy.

    While I enjoy podcasts like this and others, having more of other nerd interests on podcasts would be much more diverse and I (and others) would find more of them enjoyable.

    Perhaps I’m thinking more of the ‘geeky’ types, but podcasts like with Neil Degrasse Tyson and the like are also appropriate, ¿no?

  10. Jennifer says:

    @Skigh Wunderkind Bo Burnham.

  11. Skigh says:

    Can someone tell me, who is this “Bo” guy Tim and Chris mentioned?

  12. Cassie says:

    Wow, I loved this interview so much! I’ve always heard good things about Tim Minchin but never got around to hearing his stuff, and I related 100% to Rock and Roll Nerd so now I’m hooked.. Off to listen to more Minchin, thanks Nerdist! 🙂

  13. ally says:

    This was a lovely interview. Just to set the record straight I was at Soho Set List and this part of the audience definately recognised Tim was trying to avoid the keyboard – quite clear after the first two sets when Tim turned to the keyboard – the audiance cheered and he said ‘ fuck you I was doing OK’ The most fantastic night of live comedy and I still chuckle about it even now.
    The podcast was fantastic. Thanks

  14. Matt says:


  15. Ian from Baltimore says:

    Awesome cast. Tim was super cool and loved his song at the end. Plus I learned what Buggery means (had no idea).

  16. Rebecca Wheeler says:

    This is awesome! That’s my whole comment!

  17. Tzvi says:

    Damn it! I prematurely enjoyed my burrito all over the song at the end.

    What a mess.

  18. Stuart says:

    If “bestiality” is having sex with animals, is “buggery” sex with insects?

  19. Junior says:

    Yesss!!! This post just made my morning (and it very much needed making as the first work day after the holidays). Cannot wait to listen. I went to see Tim in New York this summer and he was absolutely incredible. So glad that a whole bunch of awesome nerds are about to discover his genius. Thanks!

  20. Matt Grandis says:

    Tennant, Pegg and Minchin? Chris, you need to visit London more often. This must have been an amazing trip.

  21. Krysii says:

    This is freaking wonderful!

    Chris, PLEASE come to Australia (especially the south west) 😛
    I know a lot of people who would be interested in seeing you live, there’s a huge nerd culture over here. 🙂

  22. Vincent S says:

    *clicked Nerdist* *see Tim Minchin* *Instant OMG*

    😀 will be enjoying this one Nerdcast. Listening now…

  23. @Cider11 says:

    Yay! I love Tim Minchin he’s awesome!! Loved his performance at this years Royal Variety

  24. Wesley Marshall says:

    Yay!! Been waiting for this ever since I saw him on the Green Room that Chris did it Montreal. I really got into his music. He’s a fucking genius!!