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Episode 151: Nerdist Podcast
Michael Rooker
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #151: MICHAEL ROOKER

Michael Rooker is an actor who has been in EVERYTHING. Most recently he played lovable redneck Merle on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. In this ep, he talks about how he almost didn’t get the part because of an 18 year old snafu, why he bought a public outdoor gun range, and his love of CB Radios. Nerdist Podcast! Git it, son!

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  1. smartbunny says:

    I just listened to this ep, and MY CB RADIO HANDLE WAS THE SAME AS ROOKER’S! When I was 11 years old my mom was a Home Base and I had my own CB radio walkie-talkie and I was Tagalong.

  2. Rob S. says:

    I’ve lived in 7 states and dad has always packed his rifle.

  3. ChadW says:

    Looks like you’ve made a site/feed change recently, instead of aggregating all your podcast offerings, you’ve given them each a separate one through Awesome! Looking forward to this podcast and all the rest!

  4. ChadW says:

    Why is it that your podcasts are no longer getting picked up by Google Listen? Used to go for my long runs on Sundays, but I haven’t been able to recently. Did something change with your feed?

  5. Vinnie Romero says:

    Top 3 Nerdist Pod! Michael Rooker is freaking awesome! Now I have to add shooting guns with him on his shooting range on my bucket list and have a CB handle!

  6. Roger Clendening II says:

    I love, Love, LOVE how every episode of Nerdist he’s in reveals more and more about Matt Mira! Varsity football player? Sure! Award-winning comedic stage performer? Absolutely! Boy Scout sharpshooter? You bet! Space enthusiast! Speaker-to-Astronauts! Hunter extraordinaire! Viva Cannonball! Viva Matt Mira!!

  7. Ben Z says:

    I don’t understand. Steve Rogers was classified as 4F and he became Captain America. Government funding is apparently not being spent in the right place any more.

  8. John G. says:

    Holy crap, Rooker is even cooler and more awesome than I previously thought!

    I totally want to see a segment for the next Nerdist special where Rooker takes the boys out shooting.

  9. Ryan says:


    I fully support a Michael Rooker/Kyle Kinane brothers kind of comedy. We need to start a petition.

  10. Kevin says:

    I’d kinda like to see Michael Rooker and Kyle Kinnane play siblings or something. I don’t necessarily know if that’s an awesome idea…but it’s an idea.

  11. Dan says:

    typo correct “holy wah” thanks for a great episode!

  12. Patrick says:

    This has been one of my favorite episodes of the podcast yet. Tons of fun and Mr. Rooker is awesome.

  13. Filthy says:


    Excellent!! gun-nerd time on the Nerdist. Chris you and the guys are welcome to try out these guns anytime. It’s a bit of a drive from L.A. to here though. I know I can change Jonah’s mind about not using guns during the Zombie Apocalypse after he shoots my AR-15.

  14. Dan says:

    Wow I think I just shit my snowpants, the Nerdist talks about venison jerky, guns, Wisconsin micro brew, and then I find out that Chris has been to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! alls I can say is holly wah!

  15. McCullough says:

    CLUSTER-YUKS!!! Oh man, sorry about that.

  16. Scullyd90 says:

    Wow, good catch on Repo! He was involved with the short version of the film back when it was still a 10 minute opera.

    I made squee noises in my office when I heard that. I always get a little giddy when I hear Repo referenced by other media sources

  17. Kyle S. says:

    CLUSTER YUCKS!! Take it please oh god.

  18. highwyre237 says:

    Say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel? They’re a little melty but damn are they exquisite

  19. Trenton says:

    But his friend can cum really far- I’m nominating him!

  20. Vincent S says:

    Omg! this was great!

    ohh yeah, how’s Jonah doing?

  21. Pedak says:

    Merle is lovable?

  22. Alwin says:

    Holy shit, guns, 2-way radio, zombie talk… best podcast episode ever?!

  23. Atrox says:

    So many beers. I’d like to have so many beers with this man.

  24. Kim says:

    This was an awesome podcast! The Rookerholics love Nerdist and Rooker. He’s the BEST guest! Right on Tag-a-Long!

  25. JH says:

    Great episode. Jonah’s best episode in a long time as far as his one-liners.

  26. Evan says:

    Nerdist CB Channel coming soon.

  27. MischaD says:

    I met Rooker at a special screening of Slither along with James Gunn, Nathan Fillion and Gregg Henry. Rooker is out of his mind…but in a good way. So, SO nice…and out of his mind. He gives good hugs.

  28. Kass says:

    This was awesome! Hurray for Rooker! And Matt’s skillz!

  29. Mark W. Gray says:

    Michael is the one degree that connects me to Kevin Bacon! He starred in the action film “Back to Back” for which I was the Director of Photography. He was the Good Guy! My favorite scene is where he’s blowing holes in a wall with a street sweeper. Also, the climactic gun battle is quite Woo-ish. Check it out – I think you can still stream it on Netflix. (He was in JFK with Bacon, BTW)

  30. Rookerholics says:

    The Rookerholics LOVE Michael Rooker and the beaver hat. Thanks for the great interview guys! Hilarious! Rooker is the best!

  31. Dustin says:

    Michael Rooker aka Rowdy Burns in the movie “Days of Thunder”! 😀

    that movie may not be all that popular with alot of people, but it’s one of my all-time favorite movies.

    his car # in the movie was 51, and this is podcast #1…51. 😀

  32. Ryan says:

    Everything is better with Michael Rooker in it.

    When he isn’t in the room, people should be asking “Where’s Michael Rooker?”

  33. Jake says:

    Coolio, Michael consummate bad guy Rooker.