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Episode 147: Nerdist Podcast
Jimmy Pardo
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #147: JIMMY PARDO

Jimmy Pardo, one of the best comics you could get to see perform live, is a pioneer in the comedian-having-a-podcast field with “Never Not Funny”. In this ep, he reveals the NNF origin story, chats about road gigs as well as getting tattoos in your 40s. Also, FLARB!

You can get to Jimmy’s phenomenal podcast at

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  1. I was absolutely weirded out when I saw Oliver Platt in a new show a few years ago, because I too thought he was dead Robert Pastorelli. “Congratulations on not being dead!” is a weird sentiment to have towards an actor.

  2. Eric C. says:

    Instead of naming his son “Shark,” he could have named him “Fin,” and the shark tattoo would still work.

  3. Julia says:

    Jimmy Pardo! One of the best. Great episode.

  4. Rob S. says:

    The motion for Flarb is just a nod. People do it to me when I’m just fucking looking at where I’m going.

  5. gladly says:

    I really loved this episode–lots of funny stuff but interesting emotional moments too. And, of course, knowing Matt’s heart would be breaking hours later made it just a little more tragic.

    I think Jonah is a secret softie too. His description of those wedding pictures? Sure he talks tough, but inside he’s a big, squishy softie who loves rainbows and teddy bears.

  6. Brian E. says:

    Yes a 1000000x over to the Flarb shirts idea. I would buy one in a second.

    Loved Jimmy’s digs against all the guys at various points. Funny, funny stuff.

    I also always appreciate Chris’ stories about how he quit drinking.

  7. Matthew says:

    There may be 9:55pm showings now, but my experience has been akin to Jonah’s. While this is by no means definitive in any way, the only thing that I collect is my movie ticket stubs and I have 174 stubs from the last 10 years dating back to The Twin Towers in December of 2001 up to The Muppets just the other day. Not one 9:55pm showing.

  8. Wildcat says:

    “Flarb”? MY Comedy Safeword is “Cleveland”…

  9. Nathaniel Wedgington Hornswaggle III says:

    Shit yeah, Grand Rapids, MI!

  10. Bryan_ says:

    The Jonah/Matt dynamic is always funny. Jimmy getting in on it was even more hysterical. Such a great episode.

  11. John says:

    Where’s for crying out loud? For the amount of references to it in the book released a month ago, you’d think it’d be a top priority. C’mon, Chris.

  12. BurghCertified says:

    Great episode, happy to hear Pardo on the show. Anyone else tired of the Jonah vs Matt rivalry?

  13. Drew says:

    Chris – i would like to know what the background music you used for the top-of-show talking part is. i would really appreciate it if you could respond. thanks!

  14. Todd Mason says:

    NEVER NOT FUNNY began April 4, 2006, apparently, with Jackie Kashian’s (and, initially, Joe Wilson’s) THE DORK FOREST starting up on Aug 31, 2006…so there’s a five month lead there among US pro comedian podcasts…dunno who else had one in 2006, particularly among those still at it…(though WEEZY AND THE SWISH was up and running in 2005, with Laura Swisher and Louise Palanker…that, which has some archived presence, probably should count).

  15. Pat says:

    thanks for having Jimmy on!

  16. kt says:

    Love Jimmy and loved this. Except for that part that brought back really depressing baseball memories. HATED that.

  17. Ryan says:

    I love that this was recorded on the last day of the MLB season when the Red Sox lost the wild card bid to the Rays in the course of 3 minutes.

    Little did Matt know at the time…..

  18. Dustin says:

    now it time to get Conan O’Brien on the podcast! you’ve had his announcer, Andy Richter, on the podcast, and now Jimmy Pardo, the guy that warms up the crowds before Conan comes out and tapes the actual shows. please get Conan on soon!

  19. Sam Brown says:

    Loved the discuss about Andrew. Great job, great podcast.

  20. Kierstyn says:

    Hi folks… just a little FYI for when you were talking about the “freemium” model of podcasting. There’s a hysterical show called Distorted View and run by Tim Henson that works on that model. I don’t know what his numbers look like, but he makes enough off of it that it is his full time job, so that’s saying something. There’s a half hour free show 4 days a week, and the ‘sideshow’ listeners pay $5 a month to get at least one extra show a week, and extra content like additional extended shows, video, etc.

    The show might be a bit on the gross side for many of your listeners… but it is an example of one of the fiew ‘freemium’ model podcasts that I know of that are at least moderately successful.

  21. Eileen says:

    I continue to be moved by how and how often Chris speaks about his sobriety and the process of getting there (and staying there). It’s not even something that is directly relevant to my life, it’s just so inspirational in general. What a guy.

  22. Andrew S says:

    FINALLY Pardo! One of the greatest!

  23. Anthony says:

    Of course I got the name wrong on the comment above, and the URL disappeared in my link. I’m not sure why I confused Jonah for Matt. I’m dumb. Here’s the actual URL, maybe it’ll show up if I don’t try to use HTML.

    Anyway, the point stands. A 9:55 movie time has existed on at least one occasion. It was in Iowa, though, so it probably doesn’t count.

    Also, on a less troll-ish note, great show guys. Looking forward to your trip to Iowa City.

  24. Anthony says:

    Never say never, Matt. Quick search of the local theater shows a 9:55 showtime for Arthur Christmas. Link

    (I really hope that HTML tag works, apologies if it does not)

  25. Scott says:

    Finally the great Jimmy Pardo.

    It’s always nice to see your favorite podcasts cross over.

  26. John says:

    It’s about time!

  27. Justin says:


  28. John Edgington says:

    Jimmy Pardo FTW !!!