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Episode 145: Nerdist Podcast
Kurt Loder
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #145: KURT LODER

MTV News legend and gracious dude Kurt Loder chats about piloting Rolling Stone in the 80s, newsing it up at MTV in the 90s, and an obsession with films that supports his new book The Good, The Bad and the Godawful: 21st Century Movie Reviews .

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  1. Joe says:

    I am so thankful and was so happy to see this interview. I do not mean to ever lodge a complaint at anything free and wonderful. If I may be so bold as to just say one thing: I really wish you guys would have been a little more quiet and let Kurt talk. It has been so long since the world has heard from him and this is such an easy going format to hear him talk and I would’ve loved to hear more from him. If I am mistaken in how this all went down, I’m sorry! I love your show.

  2. Garrett says:

    Dave holmes has a podcast called a drink with dave

  3. Kimi says:

    Amazing podcast. I loved Kurt on MTV News. I’ve missed his voice.

  4. Ben Z says:

    Does anyone think that Kurt Loder looks like Alan Rickman (at least in that picture?)

  5. Abbey says:

    I thought 50/50 was great personally. It was more a hopeful feel good movie, not “LOL CANCER”.

    Great episode!

  6. BenMech says:

    the iTunes feed tags the artist as Katie Levine. Why?

  7. Eileen says:

    Wow, it’s so weird to hear his voice. Total flashbacks. #nostalgia

  8. Darth_Siskel says:

    That was a truly fascinating episode. Learn about Kurt.
    And as a watcher of MTV back in those days, all the questions I’ve ever wanted to ask Hardwick have jus been answered. Thanks

  9. kt says:

    I LOVED this episode! My wee self knew Loder was the best part of MTV once upon a time and I still adore him. He’s fascinating and I enjoyed this very, very much.

    Also, I enjoyed the last few minutes. Hey Nerdist guys, please get future Academy Award winner and star of Piranha 3D, Adam Scott, on your podcast soon!!! I’m actually shocked this hasn’t happened yet.

  10. Jen K says:

    I agree! Who’s the new lady voice? When you guys were over at E!etc. it was Nick, and now it’s…

  11. sgenius says:

    I’m currently listening to this episode and heard Chris mention that he believed the Zildjian company was “part of the Turkish Empire”. And I’m confused now – did he mean the Ottoman or the Seljuk one?

    (I’m sorry, that was a bad joke… please don’t hurt me.)

  12. Nicholas Galvante says:

    I’ll send those Trashed tapes to you!!! Funny that I’ve been listening to your podcast or following you for awhile… but this is the first time I actually wanted to tell you about TRASHED… I guess the Kurt Loder thing was some conduit. I’ve crossed paths with you a few times. Obvioulsy at the San Diego Comic-Con since I’m a staff member there… I remember seeing you going up the stairs at the G4…. AND i kept screaming TRASHED instead of SINGLED OUT… I did try to audition for AOTS… pre- MUNN…

    Anyway, I’ll whip up a link real soon for you.

  13. [email protected]: Fair enough! And thank you! Keep on rockin’ in the free world and such.

  14. @chris I completely agree, musical tastes are completely subjective and I would never be as presumptuous as to tell Kurt what he should or should not like. However, as a voter for the RnR HoF, I personally feel a person should be able to try to be somewhat objective, despite personal opinion. There are many bands in the HoF that I would personally never listen to; however, I would acknowledge their deserving contributions.

    Loder has made petty comments about certain bands never getting in if he has something to say about it. Again,this comes back to your point that it is his opinion and his right as a voter to vote as he feels. I cannot argue with that. But it was this behavior and these types of snarky comments that make me think of him as a music elitist, rather than just him having different tastes than me.

    Keep up the awesome work, it was been truly amazing to see this podcast absolutely blow up in the last couple of years. You deserve all the success.

  15. [email protected]: I’m not sure that makes him elitist…I think it just means he has a different opinion than yours. Still, they’re your ears, so you can not put whatever you want in ’em! See ya next ep!


  16. Sorry going to have to skip this episode. Loder has always come of as the typical Rolling Stone music elitist. HIs hatred for nerd-friendly genres like prog rock are well documented. Also his efforts to keep deserving bands of that genre like Rush out of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is well known.

  17. Baldr says:

    Wasn’t sure who Kurt Loder was going in. Turns out he’s a really nice, funny, and interesting guy.

  18. Nicholas Galvante says:

    Kurt Loder brought so much credibility to MTV… News. But all around. He could make even the most trivial stories sound important. He really is a voice! It seemed to me he was holding back talking about his former employer… And peers… It’s pretty general… You want in depth stuff… Read John Norris’s article… And also, Chris…. I have all your episodes of TRASHED on tape!!! It’s been on the tape-trading circuit for years!

  19. Cletus McFirsties says:

    Thank you Captain Hardwick! You never leave your gun behind while you take a Travolta

  20. J Smith says:

    Love that man. Most of my teen years, MTV was back ground noise to what ever I was doing. Yet, when he would come on…I would stop what I was doing to pay attention.

  21. Vincent S says:

    ^ The feminine version of Peter Fatwick? Does this mean the new GuestFull episodes will be inside Nerdmelt studios? Just played it now…

  22. erik2690 says:

    Maybe too insider for anyone to know but who is the womens voice we hear chime in every once in a while, seemingly knowing every answer. I thought it might be katie levine the podcast producer but then at one point Chris refered to someone in the room as Jennifer. Someone who works at Meltdown? Anyhow just curious. Great episode.

  23. Livius says:

    I remember watching him all the time on MTV.
    What the current generation missed is a shame.

  24. Ceedee says:

    Sweet – Kurt Loder is DA MAN!

  25. Conley G says:

    Kurt’s expression looks like he just said, ” we just did the interview with the blinds open?” Good interview and great laughs!

  26. BobRyan says:


  27. Nathaniel Wedgington Hornswaggle III says:

    Holy shit, it’s Kurt Loder.

  28. Dominic says:

    YES!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like years!