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Episode 144: Nerdist Podcast
Tigers & Traffic
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #144: Tigers & Traffic

Chris casts fire hands through Skyrim with his Dark Elf Mage, Jiene Wyldre, Jonah discovers rowing and Matt hates his middle name (but still loves Dave Matthews Band). PLUS! Nick talks old timey radios. AND! Banks are sluts. All shall be explained in this hearty, hostful episode.

Mercury Will Devour Your Gold

Mercury Will Devour Your Gold

How Hard Was Removing Superman's Mustache in JUSTICE LEAGUE?

How Hard Was Removing Superman's Mustache in JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Everything Coming to Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu in December 2017

Everything Coming to Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu in December 2017



  1. cutie_bunnie says:

    That weird accent Jonah did sounded like Little Eddie from Grey Gardens, but maybe I’m the only person that thinks that.

  2. Solvang, CA is a Danish city, not Dutch. As a Dane, I find that racist.

  3. Jamie says:

    Damn do I love this show. I have recently begun to say “Well, it’s either tigers or traffic” whenever someone is pointing out problems with something, especially when they are giving excuses for not doing something or starting a project.

  4. Round_One says:

    What were the videos they referred to in the ‘cast?

  5. Mikaleen says:

    I just recently discovered the nerdist podcast and I’m just going to have to say it is perfect and I love everything you do. I don’t know why it took me so long to find you guys!
    Anyways, I had to leave the library because I was laughing so hard while listening to this one. Thanks being there for me during finals week!!

  6. scribe999 says:

    I’ve made it from Boston to Amherst in about an hour and a half … but that was when I was 19 or 20, without a fully developed brain that incorporated risk appropriately into my thinking, and I wasn’t paying for my own insurance. Also, I must have TOTALLY lucked out by missing any Mass state troopers.

  7. Cameron says:

    So much bickering between Jonah and Matt. I have a friend that acts just like Jonah. Funny most of the time and still thinks he’s funny when he’s not. Both have a big head. If I was creative, I would draw a Mr. Macki-esque picture of him. It would be funny to see his big hipster, dirty-looking face on a tiny, pathetic body.

    Btw – shows great!

  8. Eileen says:

    Neil Diamond *was* a great live performer (I saw him in 1997 at the United Center in Chicago – awesome show!) but recently (I also saw him in 2008) he had weakened a lot, and may as well have been lugging an oxygen tank around. Seriously, it was quite sad. He should get himself home before dark.

  9. Livius says:

    Also love the reference to FPSRussia. Love that character.

  10. Nathan G says:

    Freaking Love full discussions on Simpsons references~

  11. Roger Clendening II says:

    Just listened to the ep again and can’t believe I missed this the first time: Jonah imitates the Simpsons, imitating the Charlie Brown kids at the end of the episode. However, the cartoons sing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”; Jonah sings “Auld Lang Syne,” the traditional New Year’s Eve song.

    Okay. You’re welcome. 😉

  12. Mary says:

    THANK YOU. After trying to explain the awesomeness that was Pete and Pete to my husband and several friends NO ONE seemed to have any idea what I was talking about. They need to put them up on Netflix instant watch.

  13. Hey Chris, speaking of your book in this podcast, yay! I got a copy the day after you were here in Portland, and have been enjoying reading… but your references to things readers can find on… unfortunate. Is there an ETA on the site?

    Thanks for the great book and tips!

  14. highwyre237 says:


  15. DanielleACM says:

    Fuck ya, Cannibal the Musical is amazing! It includes the best song to sing while building a snowman, plus wonderful music nerd moment at end of the Trapper song

  16. Charles C. says:

    Holy crap, Johah is a huge dick on this one. I know that being mean to Matt is kinda “his thing,” but this is the first episode where it really started to turn me off the show. Particularly regarding the Boston trip he was just effing insufferable. You can tell he hadn’t really thought through the flight time and answered honestly when Matt asked him when he was thinking of leaving. I’m not saying he was wrong when he called Matt on not actually being concerned for him, but playing it off like he was screwing with Matt the whole time is really the action of a completely insecure jerk. His line, “But it’s funny when I do it, and everyone laughs,” was so revealing. He may as well have said, “I hurt inside, I can’t relate to people except through projecting that pain onto them, and I hate that about myself.” Ugh.

  17. BobH says:

    Matt, I think this is what you refer to at 51:00 –

    THE GUTS & THE GLORY by We’re Making A Movie

    THE GUTS & THE GLORY was written, filmed, and edited, start to finish, between 7 P.M. on Friday, April 7th, and 7 P.M. on Sunday,
    April 9th, for the 2006 Boston 48 Hour Film Project. Each of the 70 teams that participated drew a genre out of a hat at the kick-off event. Our team drew “horror.” All teams had to include the following in their films: a character named G. Goforth (who is a competitive eating contestant), a bicycle pump, and the line of dialogue: “That’s why I don’t trust her anymore.”

    WARNING: Contains fake blood. Viewer discretion advised.

  18. -Di. says:

    ZOMG I see what you did there!! It wasn’t until I listened to Slate Culture Gabfest that I got it!

    Here is a link tot he Culture Gabfest:

    Here is the reference:

    mmm…I bet SyFy is developing a movie based on this. It’s only a matter of time.


  19. Johnny says:

    It’s nice to hear you guys talk about games, as it is what I tend to nerd out the hardest on. We don’t hear it much from you guys, so it’s very refreshing.

  20. Everything after “Tiger-American” = tears…I haven”t laughed that hard since Sinbad did stand up in Aruba!

  21. Ivan says:

    @Ben The Dana Dearmond episode (86), if you mean when it was conceived.

  22. Livius says:

    Tigers & Traffic?
    You should have seen the traffic after the Tigers game today, I decided to walk to work instead.

    Downloading now

  23. Jeff Whaley says:

    Jonah’s 90’s references get better and better all the time

  24. Ben says:

    Does anyone know what number podcast the “Big C” episode was?

  25. Jamie says:

    Wolfman has nards!

  26. Roger says:

    Looks like Chthulu wanted to salute both “Nerdist” and the classic 80s movie “Turk 182,” but fell short by 30. Nerd152!

  27. Teague Dwyer says:

    Holy Guacamole. This is the first time in listening to the podcast that I get to chime in on something that you mentioned that I’m actually knowledgeable about! Billy Beer was an adjunct lager, much like a Coors or a Pabst Blue Ribbon, and would definitely be disgusting 34 years after it game out. However, bottle conditioned ales (for example Belgian Trappist Ales) can not only be aged like wine, many of them are specifically brewed for that purpose. People even sell aged bottles of beer on ebay for hundreds of dollars. Stone Brewing in San Diego has a series of beers called their “Vertical Epic Series” that are released once a year, starting on 02-02-02, that are meant to be aged until 12-12-12 when the last one will be released. Each beer was meant to be aged until that date to be enjoyed optimally.

    I know Chris doesn’t drink anymore, which is awesome for him, but craft beer is one of the things that I am very nerdy about, and I saw my opportunity to express it here. Thanks for the show!

  28. Lynnsey says:

    I freaking love you guys. Thank you so much.

  29. Breana L says:

    Nerdist always just makes my day!

  30. Tim says:

    I see what you did there. I love that it is both nerdy and Mel Brooks – compatible. Also… firsties.