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Episode 142: Nerdist Podcast
The Peter Problem
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #142: The Peter Problem

New Nerdist Podcast Live dates announced! Plus, Matt collects WAY too many left-handed guitars. AND a FASCINATING deep-dive into the inner workings of Wikipedia with Nerdist Podcast listener and volunteer Wikipedian Ted!

If you give any kind of crap about the podcast discussion thread on Wikipedia, it lives here. I am user Spamwick.

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

Expect Permanent Deaths For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Expect Permanent Deaths For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Where in the Galaxy is Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Where in the Galaxy is Grand Admiral Thrawn?



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  4. Alexabix says:

    Dear God! Needed to eat some cheese with this episode…

  5. Rose Tyler says:

    If you go to YouTube, there’s a deleted scene from In Bruges, where Matt Smith played a younger version of Ralph Fiennes’s character, and he decapitates the head detective in a case that was being investigated, in which during the investigation, on of his main hitmen lost his wife. You need to see that.

  6. misi says:

    Chris there is NOTHING in the description of the podcast that lists the ‘guest’ and I understand you decided to not list him, but it makes it REALLY hard to find when you wnat to hear it again.
    can we not give credit where credit is due?
    NO FEAR!

  7. "Orange Mike" Lowrey says:

    I just stumbled on this discussion, and found the “looks like a convict” comment hilarious. In fact, I’m a boring civil servant (and a Quaker, by the way).

  8. Golden Crocodile says:

    I wish that since you named this podcast “The Peter Problem” there was some talking about Fringe included..

  9. Duncan7 says:

    Bird plumbing’s a little different, Big C. Worth reading before eating out a chicken:

  10. Erik says:

    I wouldn’t mess with Orange Mike. He looks like a convict.

  11. RussNeverSleeps says:

    Listening to this episode, and reading the relevant Wikipedia Talk Page (, I have to say that Chris comes off as over-sensitive, entitled, and kind of whiny.

    Orange Mike’s contributions were certainly officious, heavy-handed, and based on an incorrect interpretation of one of Chris’ earlier posts; plus his dig about the “gratification of your egos” was utterly unnecessary and unwarranted. Despite this, I think his arguments have merit.

    It also seems to me that Chris was responsible for escalating the situation with ad hominem attacks, and what could be perceived as a veiled threatโ€””My friend Melanie is on an advisory board to wikipedia so I’ll reach out to them directly.” What does that mean? Is she going to have Orange Mike killed or something?

    Orange Mike’s statement that ” Wikipedia is not Facebook”โ€” which Chris perceives as a personal attack and characterizes as a “douchey dig”โ€” paraphrases a Wikipedia content policy that essentially says that Wikipedia is not your (or anyone’s) personal website. Given that Wikipedia is not maintained by a huge staff of professional editors, policies and guidelines like this are even more important to maintaining some semblance of order.

    Anyways, I’m not here to shit on Chris (hmmmโ€ฆ reading what I wrote above, perhaps I am). The splitting off of the episode list seems like a workable compromise, especially if Nerdist fans can contribute to improving the list with good sources and citations. I think @jgodsey is dead on above: “the trick to getting WP to do what you want is to just stick to their own methodology.”

  12. “How can I achieve notoriety by annoying people?” – “Become a serial killer.” – “And if I can’t see blood?” – “Just keep far enough off the mike.”

    Come on, Matt, you can be really funny, you don’t need those tricks.

  13. Compirate says:

    Mira Matt, Mira Matt
    Doesn’t know-ho where Greta’s at
    Sent a text, with his phone
    No reply. All alone
    Oh no, poor little Mira Matt

    In the still of the night
    While he surfs on Ebay
    Just one click of the mouse
    and more stuff’s on the way!

  14. MC says:

    I happen to agree with Chris here; the list could be sourced on iTunes, moreover, given the prominence of Wikipedia SEO-wise, it’s valuable fan-service. Ah, well…

  15. Billy says:

    Also, see you at The Vic!!!!!!!!

  16. Billy says:

    How much money do we have to donate to wikipedia for Jimmy Wales to wipe that god damn look off his face?

    Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2)

  17. Coachben says:

    I’m pretty sure the Enterprise-D’s storage capacity was measured in Gigaquads on the show

  18. Eileen says:

    Iowa City rocks. Bars to visit: The Mill, The Yacht Club, The Airliner…the list is long. Also, you will be within 20 miles of the Kalona Cheese Factory, right up your alley. I look forward to hearing your observations on the cheese curd production tour on a future Hostful.

  19. Germ says:

    Jesus Ted was frustrating. He would contradict everything Chris said while COMPLETELY missing the points Chris was making.

  20. Tzvi says:

    March in the twin cities, not the best time of year :/ That being said, the absolute shittiness of winter is why folks are so creative and intelectual, 6 months of weather induced introspection.

  21. Samantha says:

    I’m all for Wikipedia when I’m doing a preliminary search on the Inter-webs, but when I was in grad school it was the bane of my existence! I was a grad assistant in the history department and constantly had to check papers for plagiarism, which nine times out of ten ended up being copied from wikipedia. Plus, I had to repeatedly stress to my students that wikipedia was not a scholarly source. Guess how many of them didn’t listen?

  22. Charles says:

    Chris to gain the entire “like kids” experience please carry Mira through the airport baby bjorn style! Also pics.

    What if we (listeners) just went through added a reference to each Nerdist episode URL to that list of episodes on wikipedia?

    I.E. Nerdist episode 1 – Tom Lennon -

    Would that be a thing that is helpful?

  23. Michael says:

    Jesus, Chris would not shut up about his stupid Wikipedia page. I usually love this show but this was unlistenable. GET OVER IT CHRIS.

  24. James says:

    Perfect example of why I no longer edit at Wikipedia. Too much dick waving and people who get off on having a bit of power while using the letter of the policies while trampling the spirit.

  25. jgodsey says:

    problem solved. I inspired BusterD at WP to parse the Episode list off to an article of its own.

  26. Thomas L says:

    Matt reminds me of Douglas Adams and his guitar collection… Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a few of those from mass splurging… Love the show! ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Mark LaCroix says:

    Good to hear some more MPLS love. You guys are gonna love it, or rather, the part of it while you’re inside, or talking to the natives.

    I’m afraid March is not our best month. It’s still cold and we’re past the “winter wonderland” part of the season. But on a really gray day, if you use your imagination it can get a kind of Burton Gotham vibe going, so that’s something.

  28. AlexTheBritishLlama says:

    @Kevin I think the difference is that Star Trek was pretty much dead in the water when Abrams made the film. Doctor Who is in it’s prime and rather than carefully spinning off into it’s own continuity it doesn’t sound like that’s the case here.

  29. Kevin says:

    I interpreted the Doctor Who news to mean that he was doing what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek. JJ Abrams created a separate continuity from the main timeline of Star Trek. I thought that people liked JJ Abrams’ Star Trek, so I don’t see why people are freaking out about Doctor Who. The same is going on with Battlestar Galactica.

  30. gary says:

    Just throwing this out there, but I think the way The Sound of Young America does it is that they go to the Wikipedia pages of the people they interview and link it to their podcast. That might be a better alternative.

  31. jgodsey says:

    there is a PROJECT on WP for Podcasts, this would be your ADVOCACY Group to expand your WP coverage.

    fans of the show who write on WP should join the project and create a coalition to defend expansion of the nerdist.Com WP page.

    the trick to getting WP to do what you want is to just stick to their own methodology.

  32. Geoff says:

    I don’t see how anyone gets hurt by having the list of episodes on Wikipedia.

    It just seems like a dick move by a couple Wiki-editors who have a hard-on for rules.

  33. Jacob C says:

    Hey gang, I just purchased “” using the the nerdist promo code over at hover. I knew very little about starting a website but the internet needs a place to share stories of their poorly-timed stiffys so I registered the domain and now need some advice. Any recommendations on which hosting service to use? I’ve looked at a lot of them and they all seem like they are run by the equivalent of the guys on the street trying to sell DVD’s. I love and appreciate the free entertainment, any advice will be helpful. Thanks, Big J

  34. Adam says:

    Shweet, Chicago can’t wait!

    Would I be to pressing to ask if you would sign my copy of your book d: XDDD

  35. Jeff Whaley says:

    so the guys name who hosted nick arcade was phil moore. and i got that off of wikipedia so feel free to correct me

  36. MichaelH says:

    I think the point of Wikipaedia is that people without insider information can go research a person, place, etc. first for either surface information, or as an easy way find what they need to know so they can navigate the deeper sources. Insiders should have the direct information already.

    So I can see the reason a list of Nerdist podcasts descriptions being rejected if it’s just presented as being for the Nerdist community. However, a list of descriptions that allow non-community members to quickly get information should be acceptable, I would presume.

    Sadly things like ‘enjoy your burrito’ aren’t in the geek culture to such an extend that people would need to know the episode they originated from (*sadface*). So while those thigns would be great on any wiki page, they can’t be the primary information. However the interviews themselves – and the panels connectingf to other shows – should be important enough to be listed.

    Would that be the way to approach getting those things reinstated instead? To assure TPTB that summarising these interviews for non-Nerdist listeners would allow them to know where to go to learn more about people and events?

  37. Vincent S says:

    Omg! I finally saw House of a 1000 Corpses and finally saw, in greater detail, Peter Fatwick. *sniff* Ranks up there with other nerd aspirations. Peter Fatwick was just that guy that seemed fun to hang out with. *random murder-shacks not included.

    :/ I preferred “Nick-Hostfuls”, this Ted guy… and his rules. Bringing down the Nerdist, with his ethics and nice additions of Marshmellow Nipple websites to the world. Pssh… rules, Am I right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Great work there Ted, helping this podcast get a little wiki-leg up.

    Great hostful, as always.

  38. Some additional research and math leads to 1.29024 ร— 10^18 Gigabytes! Of course, I’m not really good at math… and there is no actual definition in modern terms of what a kiloquad actually is, so this might be wrong!

  39. I checked my technical manual! The Enterprise-D between 2048 dedicated memory storage modules, has a total storage capacity of 1,290,240,000 (One Billion Two Hundred Ninety Million Two Hundred Forty Thousand) Kiloquads! *depending on software configuration. Of course, (near as I can tell) this only accounts for the main computer core and not the full possible capacity if unique information was contained on the two redundant computer cores!

  40. tedder says:

    Brasilian: woot! My domain name pays off ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m trying to finish a blog entry about this. I’ll post it here when I’m done.

  41. The Brasillian special suprise says:

    I got here by

  42. Sierra Houk says:

    Words cannot describe how jealous I am of Ted, but I can’t think of a better person to be the official volunteer Wikipedian.