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Episode 140: Nerdist Podcast
Dana Gould
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #140: DANA GOULD

Comedian Dana Gould joins the lads to discuss Planet of the Apes, caring for Vampira, writing stand-up and producing The Simpsons. Also, what to do with a bag of pee! Sit back and let the dulcet tones of podcastness flood your ears and brain…

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  1. Josh says:

    One man, one quest, a journey to the depths of space and time, a ride down the escalator to a quiet unimaginable, a loneliness even the hairiest of hermit would fear, a silence so deafening, only a cliche like “a silence so deafening” could possibly describe it.

    Feel like a roller coaster ride to insanity? Follow me, as I explore the quietest places on the nerdist comment thread. Follow me as I explore, gulp, the limits of my own sanity.

    bing! Please turn to episode 116.

  2. Justin says:

    Great interview on the Adam Carolla podcast this week! check it out!

  3. Julia says:

    Great episode. I loved his comment about masking panic attack symptoms with drugs. Perfect!

  4. JetpackBlues says:

    Loved listening to this episode. Was just over a friend’s house this weekend and he has the book It Came from Bob’s Basement. Sent him here to get the this episode post-haste.

  5. Chris Hardwick says:

    Beth: Yup. Last week I was all over the place promoting the book so we couldn’t do one.

  6. Beth Kaelin says:

    Is there going to be a hostful this week?

  7. calvinorion says:

    Super excited to listen to this one! Dana Gould brings it every time! Funniest stand-up around and one of the best podcast guests, no matter whose show he’s on.

  8. Rob S. says:

    Today Tom Sawyer has a mean, mean stride.

  9. Ryan says:

    Love Dana Gould. His comedy is fantastic.

  10. Chris Bell says:

    I love how I can hear the same person on Nerdist, Kevin Pollak, and Sound of Young America, and yet hear three entirely different but equally satisfying interviews. Might also have something to do with the fact that Dana Gould is crantastic.

  11. JesseG says:

    A little while ago, I went to Matt’s fruit stand for some fruit-item support, hoping to see him while there. Instead I met Dana Gould. Good times.

  12. agirlyman says:

    Another funny ass podcast, you guys should collectively pat yourselves on your backs, cause I can’t remember one of your podcast that wasn’t funny/entertaining! I was thinking though, instead of ending your show with “Enjoy your Burrito”, you should get in bed with Frito-Lay, and say “Enjoy your Doritos!” End every show with a loud ass “CHRUNCH!” Feel free to send me some, thanks!

  13. Chris says:

    Dana Gould was fantastic, one of the funniest dudes ever on the podcast, great show! Also in a slightly off topic quemment I must once again say, I love the book Chris, its freaking awesome and all of the wisdom and advice you dispense is great! All hail Nerdism!

  14. Teague Dwyer says:

    Fantastic episode.

  15. Matt Grandis says:

    Count me in your secret club. Ed Wood is my favourite movie.

  16. Vincent S says:

    So weird, that Dana’s voice is similar (imo anyways) to Paul F Tompkins. A dirty version of the the cake vs pie joke, now with baby rape! Always fun in the nerdcast space. If you guys are annoyed by the praises, here’s another one, suck that manlove in… *whisper* “I love you…”

  17. Samuel st.john braden says:

    That was meant to be a quement. My bad

  18. Samuel st.john braden says:

    Just watched kevin smiths red state, so creepy but real, just wanted to know what you guys thought about it………………………thanks Big C for all you have done for nerds everywhere

  19. Will says:

    New Nerdist, more Nerdist shows! God, the entire of Nerdist industries is like my own personal heroin!