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Episode 138: Nerdist Podcast
Fire Pit
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #138: Fire Pit

Chris apologizes profusely and gives more information about the rescheduled shows in DC & Northampton, Jonah thinks Matt blew him off for a party and Matt makes a disturbing proposition.

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Watch Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Tape

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  1. amysrevenge says:

    Going back through the older ones in reverse order.


  2. jenny says:

    Love the hostful episodes. Guests are nice but there’s nothing better than just hanging out with your friends.
    I usually listen at the gym and always end up laughing just as someone is walking by my machine. They don’t seem to like that but whatevs 🙂
    Thanks for the laughs as always!

  3. Scully says:

    This comment is largely of no consequence but you totally get extra points in my book for the High Fidelity love.

  4. Patrick says:

    I am slightly disappointed that the New York podcasts are not salvageable. I laughed EXTRA hard in order to hear myself laugh at a later date in podcast form. It wasn’t fake laughter, I just wanted to guarantee a “hey thats me!” moment. Guess you’ll have to do another live show here so everyone can hear how awesome we New Yorkers are!

    I have decided that the New York podcasts were special, limited edition live shows. Take that world!

  5. Jennifer says:

    @Rob S No. There is a Welsh Batman.

  6. Hickspy says:

    I’m just going to laugh fondly at how ridiculous Brainscan is for a while.

  7. Rob S says:

    There is an English Batman and an English Superman!

  8. Amanda says:

    The last couple of minutes of this podcast are quite possibly my favorite ever.

  9. emmasdad says:

    Still love you guys – thanks for the laughs! #mattputyourdickaway

  10. Abbey says:

    Oh man. I needed this. So funny. Soooo god damn funny.

  11. B. Mah says:

    Those cookies look like Onigiri (Triangle Rice Balls). I bet they are extra yummy.

  12. Shah Blogger says:

    Hi Dude… I really love your blog design… Anyway 1st impression with your old design that really awesome. Please back to old style.. More user friendly and superb.

    The best blog with thesis 😀 please please

  13. Eileen says:

    Yes, I was totally bummed about the DC cancellation. At first I was sooooo worried it was a hoax so I was going to show up anyway. And then, last night, well, I tried not to look at the clock or anything so I wouldn’t actually remember when it was 6pm on the 6th. Then I woke up today to a new Hostful so I think i’ll survive. But if you cancel the rescheduled gig, well…

  14. JE Smith says:

    Did you meet Grant imahara’s girlfriend Jennifer? She’s a pretty famous cosplayer, and insanely gorgeous.

  15. Jacky Dan says:

    The podcast player on the website seems to be having problems. It won’t allow you to fast forward or rewind. And there is no progress bar on far you are in the episode. Hope I am not bugging too much. It worked fine in itunes

    I recently bought some Bose MIE2i. They’re INCREDIBLE. The sound quality is very natural and they fit so well too. 3 different earpiece fittings, and the way the fittings are uniquely designed, they stay in your ears very well. They work great with my iPhone, they’re insanely comfortable because you dont jam em into your ear holes, the MIE2is treat your ears like a lady. $129.95. BAM big C, get on em! Er, get THEM in you I guess. Also, I think you should talk Tom Lennon into coming to the North Hampton show. The live NYC show audio got flimflammed, and you’ve had to postpone on us twice now…WIN WIN C-MAN!!! Win, win.
    Also, MIRABOOEY, firepit…it’s EXACTLY what Jonah was describing, I have one in my backyard, in Boston, that was bought from Lowes. It’s metal, wood goes into it, fire comes out of it, and it’s not a stove. GET INTO IT.

  17. Erin says:

    Pardon me for being super-selfish for a minute, but Im thrilled that the DC show got postponed, b/c now I have a chance to be able to attend. Any idea when the rescheduled show will be yet?

  18. Vincent S says:

    If you are going to post the faulty episodes, can you name them (all) Number 29? My imperfect OCD won’t allow the non-existence of #29!!!!

    That aside, I’m cool with the faulty NY episodes if there’s a disclaimer.

  19. Will says:

    Hey Chris,

    As a Belmont fan, I highly enjoyed Monday’s episode. I just wanted to let you know that, yes, the audio wasn’t great, but you could hear both of you just fine. I use a player on my phone (a Thunderbolt, running Android) that has a pretty good DSP Pack, and with a little screwing around, I was able to make it somewhat better, so that the ‘p’s wouldn’t pop and it was a bit muted.

    So thank you for putting it up! As always, it was worth a listen!

  20. Wesley Marshall says:

    Enjoyed this, that is all!

  21. Zac says:

    A lot of talk about supbar audio quality in this one. My preference would be for you to give a disclaimer on said episodes, and then post it anyway. If people complain, you can safely ignore it because you gave the disclaimer. Maybe post it as an extra so that people aren’t annoyed about missing out on an actual episode.

  22. InternetAsshole says:

    Matt: “I’m pretty sure if you google fire pit you are not going to get what you think.”

    Exactly what jonah describes.

    Me: I have way to much time on my hands.

  23. Gillian says:

    I agree with Nick (above), I’m actually stoked that the DC show got rescheduled, since I can probably make it now. I was bummed when I thought I’d have to miss it, and now am much happier. The misfortune of others has worked out well for me. Schadenfreude, huzzah!

  24. agirlyman says:

    “It’s not the best Gravy” Lmao!

  25. Germ says:

    I like how Jonah casually name checked Diora Baird. If you are attracted to women do yourself a favor and do a Google search.

  26. Matt Mitchell says:

    Northampton worries that this love affair may never be. But every night we shall climb up to Mt. Tom and perform the Semaphore Version of Wuthering Heights to express our brooding longing

  27. Holy shit those are my cookies! Downloading now!

  28. b mah says:

    Thanks for the heads up. DC is a great town. With the exception of our metro system. If you guys get to DC, Lets have a huge party at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

  29. Vincent S` says:

    I feel my world just got more nerdist. Thanks. Downloading….

  30. Matt says:

    I just googled fire pit, both were there. Im going with Jonah on this one…

  31. Kevin says:

    Shame for all the people who weren’t at the NYC shows, Tom Lennon was hysterical, and Jim Gaffigan was super interesting.

  32. Missy says:

    I listened to this episode at 2:00am because I’m too sick to fall asleep. The ending, specifically Chris’s last two sentences, literally made me laugh so hard I threw up… That was probably TMI, but what do I know, it’s 2:00am and I’m too sick to fall asleep.

  33. Eric says:

    Re: the NY shows, couldn’t you just request bootlegs from the attendees? I know they’d be seriously subpar quality, but they wouldn’t be nothing. Possible there aren’t any, but knowing nerds…

  34. Nick says:

    Hey DC nerd here, I am personally happy for the rescheduling for the DC show. I was working that night so now that it’s moved I should be able to come. That’s at least one person who doesn’t mind and I’m sure others don’t mind too much either. Love ya nerdist gang.

  35. Kyle Morgan says:

    Hostful episodes are the best

  36. Robert MArks says:

    yay hostful

  37. Am I first? I think I might be first! Now I hold all the cards! I will determine the mood of this comment section! But what mood shall I choose.. hmm… joyful? Hostful’s back!