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Episode 131: Nerdist Podcast
Greta's Calling!
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #131: Greta’s Calling!

Chris is psyched up for New York Comic-con, Jonah weighs in about a zombie-run record store and Matt takes a call from his girlfriend

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

Meltdown Comics, an LA Landmark, to Close After 25 Years

Meltdown Comics, an LA Landmark, to Close After 25 Years

Who Is the Secret Cameo in DEADPOOL 2?

Who Is the Secret Cameo in DEADPOOL 2?



  1. Dave says:

    Important note:

    1) I am drunk.

    2) I am team Jonah.

    3) Long time fan.

    Ok, so what I want to say is that Matt kind of seems like he does not give a shit on the last couple of hostful podcasts. Again, I LOVE this show and I fully support all members and all that jazz. The last couple of hostfuls have been extremely hard to get through, every interaction seems to be stopped fast because Matt just can’t take a moment to give a shit (excuse my lack of creativity). I would never say anything because for the last forever the whole gang has done a fantastic job but lately something seems to catch. It struck me that Matt did not bother to order the Nerdist pilot and also Chris’ book, to me that just seems like a sort of careless friend thing to do. I have plenty of friends who have similar behavior, it’s not that they do not care for their friends, they just don’t really consider other people on a day to day basis. This show is fucking great, and since Matt has ‘succeeded’ he seems to treat the podcast as a needless consequence (just my opinion) and the last 2 hostfulls have suffered (again I could be alone here). Matt you are hilarious, please try to not complain so much and discount every solution Chris and Jonah offer to your 1st world problems every week. Just trying to give constructive criticism, I am not complaining about free content and love you guys. I hope my GF meets you at NY comic con!


  2. Vajonis says:

    Somebody made a graphic for Jonah’s vision of the internet.

  3. Bill Cosby says:

    Puddin pops, suckas

  4. JE Smith says:

    “Why would you do that?” is my favorite line in a podcast in many a moon. You go, Greta. 🙂

  5. MetaMike23 says:

    Steve Jbs is immortal he will live on as the father of cool futuristic shit.

  6. Eric C. says:

    I think the obvious parody is this:

    I’m too skeksis for my love too skeksis for my love
    Love’s going to leave me

    I’m too skeksis for my shirt too skeksis for my shirt
    So skeksis it hurts
    And I’m too skeksis for Milan too skeksis for Milan
    New York and Japan…

  7. Megan O'Shea says:

    Great Podcast!!! Cant wait to see you at NY Comic Con!

  8. Hickspy says:

    Hopefully Steve stole less things than Edison did, though.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Please put the Ben Folds episode up SOON!

  10. Celia says:

    That was a truly terrible Australian accent 🙂 I work in Brisbane too, and although I don’t have as long a trip to work as Nigel (it was Nigel, wasn’t it?), Nerdist makes my commute a bit more enjoyable as well.

  11. Baldr says:

    @Popcornamurai – Get ready to enjoy the shit out of Professor Blastoff. If you don’t already know who Tig Notaro is, you should also prepare you have your mind blown out. Four-way-tie for “Favorite Comic Ever” between her, Bamford, Tompkins, and C.K..

  12. Luke Ski says:

    I left this as a quemment as well, but just for good measure, I’ll post it here too…

    Inspired by your Dark Crystal parody conversation, I present “Skeksis Back”. Hope you all dig it. 🙂

    – Luke Ski

  13. tzvi says:

    @C. Nathan Popejoy IV

    thanks! that will do perfectly.

  14. popcornamurai says:

    LOL. I checked through the guest listings of Doug Loves Movies and found the name. David Huntsberger. YAY!

  15. popcornsamurai says:

    I know this is a bizarre place to ask this but I thought someone might know from here. Did anyone go to the Paul F Tompkins comedy central show on Friday? If you did, did you happen to catch the name of the opening act or the name of his podcast I would really like to hear more from him.

    Thank you and sorry if this was too weird but I could not find a comments section on Mr. Tompkins website.

  16. gladly says:

    Alright, I am one of those people who only watches scary stuff under controlled conditions. It’s not that it scares me during the movie/tv show/book. If it ended there, it would be fine. I am a grown damn woman, and scary stuff still gives me nightmares. I record “The Walking Dead” so that I can watch it later, further away from my bedtime. Do you guys really not get nightmares from watching this stuff? I don’t think I had a full night’s sleep for six months after reading “World War Z.”

  17. Johnny Rose says:

    I JUST decided to go to Comic Con the other night. Wish I had decided sooner, so that I could have gotten tickets for the live podcast up there. 🙁

  18. Rob S. says:

    Wait did Steve Jobs touch his nephew? I do remember that movie. There was a fat kid that had to drive the race car. See Thomas howl. Howl Thomas howl. Power Of The Dark Crystal (2011) IMDB. Jonah’s nickname is THAT DICK. Reality TV makes me wish I’d killed myself in high school.

  19. Tzvi, I sent the record to Jonah C/O Meltdown Comics. Hearing him read my letter on the show was truly surreal. I didn’t expect that. Humbled beyond words.

  20. Hardwick's Manscaper says:

    Great show. Yahoo had an article today trashing Jobs from the New York Times.

  21. John48221 says:

    Matt you keep watching Bar Rescue and Restaurant Impossible! If you are entertained then continue to be entertained. I learn a lot about the bar and restaurant biz. And save your money like Chris says.

  22. Flatulator says:

    Matt sounds spoiled, whiny and entitled on this episode. I love the podcast, but this horrible attitude really poisons the mood of the show. Matt – please cheer up! Are you having clove withdrawals?

  23. Ben Clarkson says:

    I like that Master Hardwick said “Xavier” correctly.

  24. Roger Clendening II says:

    J’adoube, Chris Hardwick. J’adoube.

  25. Tzvi says:

    speaking of fan mail, I’d like to send you some. But either the address is not posted, or I simply am an idiot… What is the address I can send fan mail to?

  26. Shawnzie says:

    First off love the Podcast, but seriously whats up guys watch Fido or the end of Shaun of the Dead. If they can move carts and play video games then they can stock records. Somebody just needs to develop the proper collar, and manual labor will never have to be done again.

  27. Zac says:

    “The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics” is indeed a great book. It explains how much of our modern technology is possible thanks to an understanding of quantum mechanics. “The Physics of Superheroes” was also awesome. I was always good at physics, but I still learned some new things. I’m paying forward Matt Mira’s recommendation of “Groucho and Me” which I read and enjoyed.

  28. SlimCharles says:

    Big C, you need to get serious and watch THE WIRE. Fuck all those Walking Dead, Hung and everything else. However good you think any show is, The Wire is far better.
    And I can’t wait to hear you guys talk about The Wire at some point in the podcast.
    So, seriously, watch it!

  29. Jared says:

    Bela Fleck! Victor Wooten is the best base player ever

  30. Jared says:

    Bela Fleck!!!! Victor Wooten is the best base player ever.

  31. Edward James Olmos follows me on twitter! …I’ve never met him either, but TWITTER…he FOLLOWS…ME!?!

  32. John Pavlich says:

    @Chris Hardwick

    Don’t forget to refer to Joss as J-bird! 🙂

  33. owl says:

    ohhh i’m second!! Great podcast, as always very funny!

  34. anncoultersadamsapple says:

    Please please try to record the Avengers panel.

    Feel free to mock me with a “No shit Einstein” response.

  35. Awesome podcast. Keep Jonas head outta peoples asses! Can’t wait to see you sexy fellows at Comic-con.

  36. Megan from Lombard says:

    Jon Stewart said it best about Steve: That he was taken too soon and that he wasn’t done giving all of his ideas to the world.

  37. Mucktavious says:

    Ohhh I’m first!! Great podcast, as always very funny!