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Episode 126: Nerdist Podcast
Hola Mindy!
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #126: Hola Mindy! #hostful+

The guys talk about Philadelphia, the upcoming Nerdist TV show, and the recent Stitcher Radio controversy. Plus! What’s a Cockadoodle? AND! Nerdist Podcast charity auction winner Mindy Holahan drops by and bears awesometastic gifts! Think of it as a Hostful+ !!!

Follow Mindy Holahan @holamindy!

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  1. Sean says:

    Hey guys, just to let you know, this page plays the Tom Wilson episode. Love your show!

  2. Sampletext says:

    Not sure if the problem is on my end but when I listen to this its the Tom Wilson episode again.

  3. Sukunami says:

    I’ve been going back to the beginning of the podcast and just happened to be on this one when the website updated. The attached podcast is #125 with Tom Wilson and not the Hostful #126. Kind of funny when #125 and #127 appear to be just fine. 🙂

    Going to my cell phone and Podcast Addict to listen to #126 now, because Hostful!

  4. Bryan says:

    I’d prefer to hear the word fucking rather then ‘um’

  5. Rita Cinco says:

    In speech you use the word “fucking” the way most people use the word “um”. It kinda makes you sound silly. Not trying to be mean, but just offer some constructive criticism.

  6. Dan says:

    This was such a great episode! I would definitely listen to a Mindy podcast. She’s charming.

  7. Bradhole says:

    Stitcher kinda blows balls anyway. Fuck ’em.

  8. Matt says:

    Just a quick question… You said in this ep that its easy to just use your RSS feed but where is it? I was able to find it at libsyn but why don’t you post a link to the feed in the same area of this site that you post the itunes link? It seems like Nerdist is discriminating against us Android users and sending us to the back of the bus ;o)

  9. Never used Stitcher anyways (I felt streaming podcasts was pointless), so good riddance to them.

    Keep putting out the good stuff, and I will try to attend a show the next time your in the Bay Area (SF).

  10. David Walker says:

    I have been listening from episode one but never have felt compelled to comment. (I hope you can use as fuel for a while….)

    I just wanted to say thank you for being a positive influence out there. As someone with a fair amount of emotional intelligence, I feel I could by this point sniff out, if you weren’t genuine.

    It really is nice to hear or see someone that roots for the other guy, isn’t threatened by another’s success and is putting a hand out to others.

    Thanks for a great show and fantastic message.

  11. Ian R says:

    You guys were brainstorming names for her podcast…
    surely ‘Talk and Mindy’ was considered?!?

  12. alex says:

    Also, really looking forward to the yachtcasts, recorded live from the deck of the S.S. Burrito.

  13. darren says:

    Hooray Mindy! She was awesome! I thought she fit in really well with the podcast. VERY cute radio voice too. I hope she makes her own show and maybe even joins you guys again.

  14. Phil K says:

    Hey Chris and all,
    Don’t worry about the Stitcher “controversy.” You still have an awesome podcast that makes people so happy, they’re willing to trek across the vast, expansive, internet battleground to brave the harsh elements of your website. They risk their lives, facing poison arrow traps and spike-filled pits in order to download the latest episode. Now that’s saying something. Trolls are lame.

    P.S. we hung out in Indianapolis about two years ago after a show at Crackers downtown. You’re still one of the nicest comics I’ve met and I’m glad things are going well. Hope to see you perform again soon

  15. Tanya says:

    are there close up photos of the embroidery pieces? and Mindy said she’d post the patterns somewhere too, and where are those? And what is the name of the knitting podcast by the aussie guy? this was an enjoyable podcast, you should do more with cool listeners…minus the huge cost of the auction donation 🙂

  16. Michael says:

    It’s weird to me that she crocheted “Doctor Who 7” because I think Sylvester McCoy would fit in a James Bond film in his era as The Doctor…

  17. Brad says:

    The comment “NCIS: Nerdist” came up in the podcast and it sparked my imagination of what that would look like.

    Each episode starts with a murder in the first 60 seconds. The rest of the show is about the nerds arguing over the relative merits of the murder weapon as a zombie killing device, correcting each other on makup up of the metallurgy that went into the murder weapon, general yelling and chaos, etc.

    60 seconds before the end of the show their boss walks in, interrupts them, and says “Hey what’s up with that murder report?” One of them digs up a Red Bull stained report from under a stack of pizza boxes/DnD books and says “We figured that out a week ago.”.


  18. Jeezy says:

    Great hostful show. Mindy did great on the show. Her podcast could be named, “Mindy ‘I Wanna’ Holahan Show”. And Jonah Ray’s nickname, “Jonah Ray-Lien Abduction”.

  19. Seth Squires says:

    For this December’s food bank charity auction you should auction off a spot at a D&D game with Wil Wheaton, Chris, Brian Posein, & Patton Oswalt. Holy fuckballs, that would be cool.

  20. Ross says:

    Very fun podcast(but where is this alternate picture w/Mindy the other commenters are talking about?), and great show Saturday night–I just went & put in my email vote for more Nerdist TV shows on BBCAmerica’s “Contact Us” page. Just a visual design note, if there are future episodes: Jonah, consider a solid color shirt, rather than another plaid or other pattern–on TV, they make a weaker visual impression(& didn’t look as intentional as what Matt & Chris had on). Just a thought.
    Chris,I can’t recall if I commented on the Stitcher explanation post, but I have to say this: I know your default mode is diplomacy, but please, if it ever comes up again, stop making it sound as if it’s just your opinion. They pulled a bait-&-switch on you. Legally, that’s fraud(sounds like you have enough documentation to prove intent). No business has to justify pulling their business from a firm that does that. The BBB exists precisely to protect the public from just such practices. You are in the right, and anyone who gives you grief about it is, intentionally or not, asking you to continue supporting a disreputable(borderline criminal) enterprise. So there.