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Episode 119: Nerdist Podcast
Bryan Cranston
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #119: BRYAN CRANSTON

Bryan Cranston talks “Breaking Bad,” finding Hal’s center on “Malcolm”, getting a call from Tom Hanks to play Buzz Aldrin, and marketing his exciting new culinary treat. Special unexpected but welcome appearances by Rainn Wilson and Phoenix Jones!

This episode should win a friggin award!!

*sidenote: VERY limited spoilers. Like, maybe one tiny one from Season 3. We skated around plot points in case our listeners hadn’t seen the awesomeness of BB yet.

*update: Here’s the snazzy group photo we took during the podcast

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  1. Butters says:

    Bryan Cranston

  2. Jeff says:

    This podcast should really be called “Chris Hardwick and Guest: featuring 2 douches who run the same joke into the ground for 45mins”

    I know it’s a bit long, but perhaps there is an acronym we can come up with…

  3. Tillburg says:

    ( Hey guys we should have Bryan knock the water bottles out of Matt’s hands )

    Matt: Hey guys I was stopped by something or other and couldn’t get the water.
    Bryan: Seriously? You couldn’t wrestle through the crowd to get me ONE BOTTLE OF WATER?
    Matt: Bryan I… I er, I can –

  4. Tillburg says:

    It’s called keeping the interview light and fun, qwertsdfg. They have to periodically weave in humor and keep the overall tone of the interview happy so the guests and listeners can feel a constant ease.

  5. qwertsdfg says:

    I really enjoy these podcasts,however a minor gripe would be the way you guys interrupt your guests with your lame jokes.For example in this one you constantly bring up the ” Dick Grapes”joke about fifty times and giggle about it each time.

  6. toonsmyth says:

    You gave up because of the ads? Dude. If your attention span is that short, maybe you should switch to decaf or cut back on the sugar because you missed an awesome interview.

  7. Me says:

    I wanted to hear this podcast because I ama HUGE fan of Breaking Bad.

    I gave up after 4 minutes of ads and BS and no Bryan Cranston.

  8. Dear Nerdist Team:
    I’m fairly new to listening to the Nerdist Podcast but I’ve been catching up and greatly enjoying it. I’m one of those people that took “Enjoy Your Burrito” way too literally. I thought really thought you guys just loved burritos and were sharing that love with the podcast listening world. I also love burritos, so I took this literal meaning to heart. But during the Bryan Cranston podcast you explained the true meaning behind that saying (maybe you’ve explained it in other podcasts but this was the first one I recall hearing it in). I wanted to let you know how this has greatly changed my outlook on life. Professionally things are not going to well. Other than sharing that I’m currently unemployed I won’t bog you down with other boring details. I’m more of a pessimist than anything else. Finally, I’m also a rusher, I try and finish one thing to quickly move on to another to then be able to do something.

    i share those mundane facts because, upon hearing the true definition of “Enjoy Your Burrito”, I’ve been truing to stop and enjoy things more and it’s made me relish what I’m doing at any given moment. Whether it’s job hunting, writing, playing Gears of War, etc., I’m trying to enjoy what I’m doing when I’m doing it. Over my honeymoon last month my wife and I would sit on the beach and I would randomly say “Enjoy Your Burrito”, in this case the burrito was the sun, the sand, the beach, and her, and it made me greatly enjoy myself even more. She would give me a strange look but she still loves for all of my nerdy ways (even if she doesn’t appreciate the number of comic books I have). She didn’t ask what it meant, but she saw the smile on my face and that was enough for her to know that saying that made me happy and positive.

    It doesn’t always work, but I’m doing my damnedest to be as positive as possible. I guess I can say that you’re slogan has almost become my mantra and thank you for sharing that with the world. Keep up the great work. It’s time for me to listen to the Penn & Teller podcast (Yes, I know Teller’s not really there, but I’m going to keep the illusion that he is while I’m listening).

    Chris Naccari

  9. Miss Beth says:

    If you and Phoenix Jones want to create the “I Just Got Shot” app, I strongly suggest Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings. Yeah, I actually thought about it for a while…yeesh.

  10. Matt Alexander says:

    You should link to the group photo from this post!

  11. Mr Ohno says:

    So…due to a lack of cable since 2004ish. I have yet to see breaking bad. I have wanted to watch this show, but never realized that was Cranston until this podcast. Now I HAVE to watch this show. As a broke college student with little time anyways, you guys keep giving me so much to do/read/listen/watch that I can’t handle it…