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Episode 114: Nerdist Podcast
Casa de Queso
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #114: Casa de Queso

What is cottage cheese? Where do all of the “Planet of the Apes” apes come from? How does the Holodeck work? Will Matt’s dad ever speak to him again??? ANSWER: Listen to this episode to find out.

PLUS!!! Mike Phirman‘s “W00tstock” song! Which is available here, btw…

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  1. Alexabix says:

    I asked Shia Labeouf how he works out in denim. He said they where jeggings.

  2. k-os says:

    Layin’ nuts on a dresser and bangin’ them shits w/ a spiked bat is reference to the “Torture” skit. It’s at the beginning of ‘Method Man’ from the Wu Tang Clan’s album ‘Enter The 36 Chambers’.

  3. Scarecrow says:

    Geek/Nerd debate. One is a person who is obsessed with a film from the point of view of wishing to be a part of the universe/believing it is real/living as a character. The other is a person who is obsessed with a film from the point of view of deconstructing the story elements, acting and directing. I’ll leave it for you to decide which is which.

    I can’t believe you forgot the comedy music duo of Garfunkel and Oats. Really, guys — really?

    Being inside the holodeck is the same as being in a replicator. All food, even cottage cheese, is real food. Then again you can’t have a replicator or holodeck work without transporters since both transport and recombine raw materials into the replicated food and simple construction in the holodeck. Damn, I can’t believe I know this. Or that I’m posting this months after it aired. (I’m trying to catch up, really.)

  4. Max B says:

    I have listened to the nerdist a lot and do like it … but,

    There are 3 dudes in a room, talking about making a PSA about tentacle-rape and none of you could figure out what’s wrong with tentacle-RAPE?

    I just wish more people would talk about consensual tentacle-love is all.

  5. Heath White says:

    Check out the video I filmed of the w00tstock song while at w00tstock 3.0

    Enjoy Your Video

  6. Teaflax says:

    I simply cannot believe that you missed the obvious “Ricotta Montalban” joke that was just *sitting* there. Shame on you.

  7. Shane says:

    Gentle folk of The Nerdist Persuasion,
    I am curious as to what podcasts you gentlemen listen to, Aside from Marc Maron, whom I’ve heard both Big C and Jonah the Whale comment on. I am curious because I have a recommendation for Big C. He has mentioned he played D&D as a younger person, too, he is a self-proclaimed nerd, therefore I believe he would enjoy a little podcast called, The Sideways Tower. Give it a try. Great references to things most people don’t know. Is there anything better?? Thanks for your time, Shane

    P.S. Please, all three of you, come to Vermont, specifically Burlington, and do a comedy show. Bring all your comedy friends as well, if you would be so kind. Thanks again

  8. Tiffany says:

    I went through a moment of giddiness when Chris mentioned Catherine. That is one crazy game and I love it.

  9. Joe H says:

    Huzzah to Jonah! Atom & His Package were the truth. His final show at the Unitarian Church was one of the best I’ve ever been to. His dad Ellihu was my Urologist. Everyone should be “Pumping Iron For Enya”.

  10. Joe says:

    Cottage cheese + apple butter = yummy

  11. Mari says:

    I love Tom Lehrer.:)

  12. Rebecca N says:

    Love the song! Just bought it, so amazing, makes me smile every time I hear it!

  13. Dan says:

    Matt…I love you on the show…and since you started stand-up I wish you nothing but the best!!! But to defend X-Men: The Last Stand….is basically unforgivable. Also, defending any part of the Cyrstal Skull…even worse than Last Stand. It’s not that hard to critique both of these movies. I’m sure you will still tell jokes that are funny and relevant on the podcast, but from now on, I will be skeptical for sure of you observations of almost any show……….INCLUDING FUTURE, DR. WHO episodes……you should be damned to hell for that alone!!!!!

  14. DefconDan says:

    Matt: “… we can have like 10 guys on 1 ape.”

    Are you promoting ape rape?! 😉

    Good episode guys!
    And this Puerto Rican loves the horrendous spanish accents! Keep them up….

  15. VeronicaM says:

    funny how when the bit about comedy bands came up, there was no mention of The Axis of Awesome, from the Aussie Night podcast.

    Also, best song ever! Thanks Mike Phirman <3

  16. VeronicaM says:

    funny how when the bit about comedy bands came up, there was no mention of The Axis of Awesome, who were on the Aussie Night podcast.

    Also, best song ever! Thank you Mike Phirman

  17. Ian says:

    I actually sent a picture to Steve Wiebe of King of Kong to sign, and he signed and mailed it right back. Steve Wiebe is a real American Hero!

  18. Robert T says:

    Milhouse Van Houten said it best….”i’m not a nerd, cause nerds are smart.” And also chris…..your “best” friend Will Wheaton was on TNG and you don’t know how a holodeck works? Some friend you are…..

  19. Ellie McEwan says:

    I love how Junior Nick said he was 14 and a half hahaha. I am 15 and I would legitimately say that I am 15 and a half.

    I was thinking, a couple of days ago, about how you use Seacrests equipment sometimes. I don’t know, I just *COUGHBIGCCRESTCOUGH* was thinking about it.

    Anyway I’m going to stop procrastinating and do my Graphics homework now, ahhh you guyyss make the best podcassts.

    p.s. raping light fo lyf’

  20. Mark T. Manning says:

    What X3 could have been. This makes me sad: