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Episode 112: Nerdist Podcast
The Dork Backward
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #112: The Dork Backward

Chris recounts Montreal! Jonah was in a band with Fairuza Balk! Matt gets a new job!!! Action-PACKED Hostful goodness!

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  1. smartbunny says:

    The clip of Green Jelly (boy did THEY suck) on Trashed is epicballs not only due to Young Hardwick but also due to Young Brian Posehn and Young Douglas Benson! Like my friend remarked, it’s like watching Muppet Babies. 1994 Hardwick is like a yummy little piece of boy candy. omgz nom nom nom.

  2. Duncan7 says:

    Matt, you’re not alone WRT the Apes trailer. My first thought was, “Why are there so many of them? Does this happen at some sort of monkey cloning facility?”

    Now that you’ve lost a buncha’ weight, started doing stand-up, and left the fruit stand, any ideas what Jonah and Big C are going to hector you about, next?

  3. K2theM says:

    So.. Matt is Inspector Gadget now?

  4. Knarf says:

    Hey, have you guys ever considered doing a link dump for things mentioned in the podcast? There’s alot of stuff mentioned that I want to look up, but I’m typically driving while listening to the show. Chalk it up to laziness, but I can’t see myself skipping around the different parts of the podcast to get that one name or one site.

    I love the podcast though; keep it up guys!

  5. keith says:

    Congrats Matt! Have you guys seen the new trailer for the “Thing” remake? It looks pretty phenomenal. I’m stoked for that one.

  6. Patty says:

    If anyone wants to watch an episode of “Trashed” here is a link.
    The link is after the blog entry in the comments section!! Download and enjoy


  7. Tim says:


    You should listen to a band called the Cults. “Go Outside” is an excellent song. If you like Le Pianc, Best Coast, etc then you’ll love them.

  8. Lanisagna says:

    MIRA! You’re finally being freed of the chains that the fruit stand has bound you with!

  9. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Yo @mattmira, Scott Mosier mentioned that you both grabbed some beers at the Montreal festival. Thats friggin AWESOME! If ya can, share some stories of that experience.

  10. Tomaz says:

    Hey guys, that movie you were thinking of with Fairuza Balk and Alec Baldwin was Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead – it’s inexplicably one of my favourites. Probably a lot to do with the age at which I saw it and the uh… trampiness (?) of FB’s role!!

  11. David says:

    Was the Podfathers panel from JFL recorded? Would love the hear it.

  12. @The_Nicktator says:

    I am Pro-Quemments song.

  13. Cathy says:

    Tim Minchin? Eddie Izzard? You have been in the presence of greatness. You lucky devil!

  14. Claude Gaudette says:

    BigDickJones may be “so over” the quements song, but that doesn’t mean “We” are. What people need to be over is acting like they speak for everybody. I think this weeks song was the best one yet and that you should keep up with it for as long as YOU find it amusing. In my opinion.

  15. Dan H says:

    Just listened to #112. Had to pull off the road cos I couldn’t see through my tears and snot bubbles of hilarity; specifically when you started reading Emily Caesar’s quement. Your joint jocularity ( and hyena like squee’ing ) almost ended me. Try harder next time wouldcha?! Why can’t all podcasts be as good as this? Internet, feel shame!!

  16. Anita says:

    Congrats to Matt!

  17. nick says:

    I think that was bigdickjones’s way of asking for a longer quement song! Sing away chaps!

  18. anncoultersadamsapple says:


    Best episode ever.

  19. Anthony N. says:

    If you guys are gonna see Rise of the Planet of the Apes, stay for the credits. There’s a plot point that you will miss if you leave when the credits start to roll.

  20. sydney says:

    omg do i ever love this podcast! my nerdy girly teenage mind cannot contain the amount of epicness in this podcast! all you guys are sooo funny i hope you keep spitting out this amazingness forever!

  21. Jay says:

    Jonah, how many swallows does it take to carry a coconut?

  22. Bill Cosby says:

    How bizarre, I was eating a Del Monte fruit cup when Jonah mentioned it. It’s like product placement but in the opposite way.

  23. Mark T. Manning says:

    Chris totally ate an extra fancy Cranston Brand crotch grape live on pre-recorded TV, and I am shocked and amazed that it wasn’t mentioned. I MISSED YOU GUYS… it’s really hard to type and hug your monitor at the same time.

  24. Jen Staggs says:

    So glad hostful chats are back! I missed the three of you heaps.

  25. Brad says:

    Come on, Chris, you thought Go West was going to be about the band? I tell ya, you must be the king of wishful thinking or something.

  26. Roger says:

    Most people don’t know this, but the gorillas in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” came from the Primate Institute in Sausalito, two silverbacks who wandered into the foothills of Mt. Davidson as cubs, named Mike Nichols and Elaine May.

  27. Johnny says:

    Nice well.

  28. Ross says:

    Oh, and speaking of old clips of you, Big C, did you unplug the the TV last weekend when VH-1 was running all those old shows for their MTV 30th Anniversary weekend? Did they run anything of yours? (Even nostalgia for my lost youth couldn’t make me sit through MTV’s non-musical prohramming, except perhaps the animation.)
    And I still think you should call the space “The Nerdist Colony”(unless, of course, you’re saving that for a future festival out in the woods, say).

  29. Brian E. says:

    Great show boys! Congrats Matt and great history of the Meltdown show Jonah. Glad you all enjoyed Montreal.

  30. Taylor stecker says:

    I find matt’s journeys with weight loss and career change insanely inspirational. I’m in a 6 year relationship with a job that just pays the bills and feeling very stuck so to hear a story of someone getting out of it and changing for the better gives me new found hope! Thanks for the Podcast, guys. I’ve been listening from the start and really enjoy the show

  31. JD says:

    Happy birthday Jonah!

    Congratulations Matt!

    Great hostful, nice to see things are going well for the nerdist crew.

  32. Ross says:

    If you want to see a wonderfully odd movie(that happens to have Flea in the cast)–that I rank with Repo Man as capturing the ’80s that I knew–watch “The Blue Iguana”. The look of the thing is like a visual version of Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party”.

  33. Caleb Brasil says:

    Holy shit! You guys created an industry for the nerds! Wish I lived near LA. Chris Hardwick you need to do a show in Kansas city.

  34. Yes Nerdist podcast back on schedule! I’ve been spoiled by the monday/tuesday and friday/saturday usual schedule that it’s been killing me whenever they weren’t routine.

  35. Kijan says:

    That picture is amazaballs

  36. Kevin* says:

    I was going to listen, but now I know Montreal is mentioned. Can’t have any of that. I’ll be back next time to read the show notes and decide if I’m going to listen.