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Episode 11: Nerdist Podcast
Eugene Mirman & God's…
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #11: Eugene Mirman & God’s Pottery

Eugene Mirman wants to fire the audience, God’s Pottery gives a shout out to a footless boy, Chris enjoys Russian culture, Jonah is wearing a snazzy jacket that you can’t see, and Matt was late probably because he likes the Dave Matthews Band.

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  1. E says:

    Ok, now I’m getting paranoid and starting to think there’s just something wrong with my computer and smartphone that are preventing me from listening to these early episodes (or right-clicking them and Saving Target As) . Did you change something about how you posted them last April?

  2. MEK says:

    Chris, the Nerdist rocks and I find you hilarious. I’m starting at the beginning and listening through all the episodes on iTunes. All have been fantastic except for the second half of this one. The god’s pottery guys are just plain lame. I don’t usually enjoy podcasts with “characters” being acted as guests (i.e. Adam Carolla has had several super-lame guests including Sara Silverman’s sister and Republican Rep. what’shisface). You had such good repoir with your previous guests, especially Adam Savage. I hate to see you waste your time with these hacks. Thanks for the awesome listening!

  3. cheryl_gleeful says:

    Wonderful episode – I love how your podcast is developing. I stopped midway through the God’s Pottery bit and rushed off hoping to find a website. They’re brilliant, and I can’t believe I haven’t heard them before. I loved that you played along with their leakproof personae. I’ll have to catch up on my backlog of TSOYA episodes now!

    Of course, Eugene Mirman was his usual charming self…don’t want to leave him out at all. Great show, great atmosphere. Thanks.

  4. smartbunny says:

    Eugene!!! He rocks. And isn’t Comix a nice space? I always enjoy going there, much better than Caroline’s I think. Did you know when they first opened they did not have a drink minimum? That was a Big Deal. Of course by now they have amended that policy. But still, a good comedy space. Great show!

  5. Are you serious? God’s Pottery! Are they a joke group or something. I felt annoyed by that whole segment. Was this a laugh at their expense? Maybe I’m reading way in to this but it felt like a joke.

  6. Montrealien says:

    Thank you so much chris, this has become my favorite podcast.

  7. nick[yeah] says:

    Love me some Mirman. Saw him open for FotC and i damn near wet AND soiled my pants during his set.

  8. David says:

    Loved it, as usual. Eugene is always awesome. And satirical acts like GP do not make me miss my childhood youth group days. Hilarious.

  9. swagers says:

    Good stuff as always!

  10. sean says:

    great podcast. god’s pottery were great. Loved them on Last Comic Standing. But they’re no SNIPER

  11. Veronika says:

    The transition felt similar to you whispering in my ear, “I hate to ask this, but is that a man or a woman?” Transition was slightly errotic. The God’s Pottery bit…are these guys for real? Did you hire them? Um…ok.

  12. Patti says:

    That was great, Chris! I’m so glad you do these podcasts, because they’re really fun. Thank you!

  13. DM says:

    You crazy for this one, ‘Wick!

  14. Horacio says:

    awesome russian accent hahaha. The entire God’s pottery portion was so awkward.

  15. andy hunt says:

    Hearing you repeatedly impersonate a Russian person to a Russian person was delightful. Exemplary show.