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Episode 109: Nerdist Podcast
Matt Smith, Karen Gillan &…
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #109: Live at SDCC ’11 w/ Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & Wil Wheaton!

Recorded live in front of 800 Nerds at San Diego Comic-con on 7/23, this awesometastic mashup of television space travelers yields some of our best podcast moments. Talk of leeches, Steven Moffat Muppets, Karen’s love of Lt. Commander Data and how The Doctor and Wesley Crusher pilot their respective ships–namely the TARDIS and the Enterprise (1701-D, of course). THIS. EPISODE. RULES.

SIDENOTE: Thanks to BBC America who sponsored the event by allowing the attendees to “enjoy their burritos” which Matt and Karen helped hand out in TARDIS sleeves. Genius!

SIDESIDENOTE: There are some spoilers if you haven’t seen this season of Doctor Who yet!

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  1. Megan says:

    How can I download this now that it’s not on iTunes?

  2. Ben says:

    Anybody else think their Cosby impressions sound more like Dr. Teeth?

  3. Diana says:

    Came all the way from Taiwan to see this. This and the Con were the highlight of two months all over the States. Thanks for giving me a reason to come home again!

  4. magnolia81 says:

    Is this available on video somewhere?

  5. Psynyde says:

    Ejaculation complete…

  6. @Magnoliafan says:

    Chipotle. Chipotle burritos.

  7. Beth says:

    This gave me an absolute nerdgasm. Should not have listened to it on the airplane…

  8. Boabie says:

    The podcast event sounded like a lot of fun. I was very envious of you all. But I was a bit confused by it being a 21 or over podcase. Just because it had Doctor Who guests… until I read an article “The Doctor is all right. Are America’s kids watching? By Anna Altheide– April 16, 2011”.
    She says in America Doctor Who is shown at 9pm, therfore putting it in the 18 to 45 demographic catchment. This is crazy scheduling. Its a family show and in the UK, shown at 6pm.
    Now the reason I’m mentioning it is because at the moment, this is a niche show and I think its probably going to stay niche, unless its shown at an earlier time slot.
    Families should be watching it together. Its the way it was designed and BBC America are definately missing a trick by showning it so late at night.
    What do you think?

  9. JetpackBlues says:

    Great episode, and glad you made good on the promise of letting Wil sit in on the Smith/Gillan panel.

    I consider Wil an honorary Nerdist host, since you all get along so well. I’ve never heard you guys laugh as hard as when you have Wil on.

    Re: video – If the Nerdist pilot gets picked up by BBC Am, that’ll be your video podcast. And bonus is, hopefully we’ll all get the full audio as a regular podcast (earning the Explicit tag) for those who don’t get the channel.

    Nerdist Industries is providing soooo much awesome content & live stuff it’s dizzying.

    Your sycophant,

  10. Flatulator says:

    Great episode. Wil comes across as a blowhard douche, but in a fun way. Thanks for all of the free entertainment.

  11. RorysBFF says:

    I just want to say that Matt and Arthur have the best chemistry and I want you guys to do a buddy movie with Pegg & Frost. And am I the only one who doesn’t dig on River? I’m sure she was a wonderful little girl to Amy and Rory but I always thought she was awful to David and Matt.

    Matt, I was with you 100% as the Trek Guy (classy Trekker? I’m trying it out) among Who-philes.

  12. mkokc says:

    Just to chime in. Listened to the podcast on a long road trip this weekend and it was great on so many levels. the interplay between Wil and the guests, Matt Smith and Karen and Chris.
    I agree with some of the comments here in that I am not a big fan of Jonah and Mira. In this episode, they added so little and laid some conversational turds that stopped the fun in its tracks a few times.
    It may be time to thin the posse.

  13. Andrew lee potts says:

    Omg! i am a massive fan of doctor who …. i love the 11th doctor though because i find he is more funny than david tennant … (sorry for anyone who likes david tennant). For you out there who think this is something messing about with my name it is actually THE Andrew -lee potts from primeval … and also beside me is Hannah Spearitt from Primeval and s club 7 🙂 We love our fans so much 🙂

  14. If I could go back in time and attend any of your podcast tapings, it would be the one with Craig and Adam. But this one was really awesome, too!

  15. Browncoat Marc says:

    Hey is crediting someone else for information on this podcast. They posted quotes from the podcast and attributed to newarama. Hate to give them a link. Hope you guys can get the credit for the info.

  16. Julio says:

    This was a great podcast, it really was, but you lot kept interrupting Matt and Karen.
    I remember at one point Matt had to repeat the same word three times, getting louder each time, to force himself into the conversation.

    Sure, cutting each other off mid-sentence is more acceptable during the hostful, or when you’re good friends with a guest (Like Wil, for example), but it was ridiculous how often the two guests, which I assume must be fairly difficult to do the podcast what with being so busy/swamped with other interviews, weren’t able to finish their stories just because one of you guys wanted to tell a quick joke or something. It did strike me as a bit rude, to be honest, and it kind of killed the momentum.

    I don’t mean to come off as a troll or just some guy wanting to shit on the podcast, because I’m not either of those. I’m really, truly sorry if my post has a harsh tone, as I do not mean for that to happen.I’ve been listening since the beginning and have listened to every episode at least twice, so I’m obviously a big fan of hearing you guys talk, but please try slow down a bit when it comes to talking whilst a guest is talking.