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Nerdist: Play – Will Digital-based Game Content Reign Supreme?

Christmas was an interesting day for console gamers who have been hardcore about digitally purchasing their content. With the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live both completely offline, many were unable to access their content offline, since digital games on both platforms require folks to “check in” and confirm that they own the content. Even someone like me, a guy who has been quite gung ho about digital games in the past, had to sit back and weight the benefits and setbacks of digital games after the crazy events of X-mas.

On today’s Nerdist: Play, we discuss the pros and cons of both digital and physical game content. But before we dive head-first into that, we’ll take a look at one player’s awesome, ninja-like approach to playing Far Cry 4.

I asked you guys on Twitter whether you prefer digital or physical game content, and here are some of the answers that didn’t make it into this episode:

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  1. Orionsangel says:

    I stopped buying physical media a while ago. I buy digital only, whether it’s movies or games on consoles and PC. It seems strange to me thinking I have to put a disc in a tray and make a movie or game some kind of event or the center of attention. I love convenience.

  2. Agasin says:

    I am all for digital downloads if the price is not still around 60$.  You would think taking away all the packaging, shipping, etc. would allow them to drop the price.  

  3. Kilbride says:

    Digital is great. But if it is downloaded to my hard drive then I should be able to play with no internet connection. Shouldn’t need to check the license every time.

  4. Xeroz says:

    If they can ever get our internet speeds faster and more affordable, like most of the rest of the world’s industrialized countries, then (and only then), maybe.

  5. Badwolf says:

    Definitely have perks to buying digital, but the hard drives fill up quick buying multiple hard drives to store games kinda sucks too. In the long run I’d rather have the hard copy on the shelf. 

  6. Isiah says:

    I prefer physical copies. 1. I don’t always have an internet comnection.2. I’m accident phone and forgetful. If something happens to my device I’m suddenly out of a number of games. Going through the trouble of redownloading and hours of customer service calls just bother me.3. Returns. I’ve purchased plenty of games I hated. I can’t return a digital download.

  7. mike says:

    Hard copy games are my backup I buy them digital at first then when I have an extra 20 bucks to spend I get the exact same game as my own physical trophy after beating the game. But I don’t see the Internet going down anytime soon until the zombies.

  8. Mr Zombikilla says:


    I understand most like physical copies, especially for the trade in market. I’m one who plays a game once, and then will never touch it again. So it has always been nice to trade them in. 
    But I’m tired of being screwed over by Gamestop. They’ll buy my game for $15 that I spent $60 not that long ago. then I’ll see it on the shelf for $45 used. Gamestop needs to stop screwing gamers over, that’s why I refuse to use them anymore. 
    I started buying digital, and it has it’s ups and downs. my first game I bought digitally was Destiny. and IMO I didn’t like it very much, so I spent $90 and now I’m stuck with the DLC and game I can’t trade (But I’d rather take a loss than feed Gamestop) 
    And my biggest gripe, is Digital needs to cost less from now on. $45 would be a perfect price point, they don’t need to make a digital copy that probably costs $5 to make and package. then another $10 in shipping to stores, and waste of gas. So we’re basically cutting out the middle man, might as well save while doing it. (But I know they won’t do that since stores like Gamestop would go bankrupt if they were cheaper) 
    I have an Xbox One, and PS4. I just wish the hardrives were bigger. My Xbox One is already 99% full, and I’ve already deleted as many games as I could. But I like keeping my full digital games on there, so I can switch between them all easily. 
    I have a 50mb Download speed Internet, and I easily consume around 500gb’s of data a month, but Xfinity hasn’t told me anything yet.So until then, I’ll just go digital. Unless it’s a game I know I’ll trade in, then physical. 

  9. kerrell says:

    I say physical. Cause not everyone has access to a good internet connection to stream or download games. Also the latest hacking crap shows how easy it is to screw things up. Personally I play off-line and like having physical copies of games to trade in when I’m done with them and can use the store credit towards other games.

  10. Edge of Blade says:

    Easy. Digital. I love the freedom of jumping between three to four games without getting up. The time saved is valuable as I have very limited amounts of gaming time as a new father. I don’t trade games in and I don’t loan. I don’t have any hang ups about “owning” a disk or a download. They are both licensed software I don’t own anyway. 

    • Elsie Stinson says:

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