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Nerdist: Play – Why I Suck at Valentine’s Day

Over the last year, I’ve seen gamers pull some of the most romantic gestures and share these moments on social media. There’s been proposals during live charity streams in front thousands of onlookers, gaming-themed weddings, and even really cool stuff like this:

I can only imagine what people like this guy have planned for their significant other come Valentine’s Day. But if you’re anything like me, you probably plan on spending the weekend playing Evolve, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate– three games that are scheduled to release throughout the week.

On this week’s episode of Nerdist: Play, I give my reasons, gaming and non-gaming related, why I am the worst ever when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Have you ever let your gaming habits get in the way of your Valentine;s Day festivities? Do you know what it is to “lose to Guile?” If you don’t know what that means, sit back and feast your eyes on this week’s episode.

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  1. Owlettaz says:

    How do I handle my lover?
    What you mean my wife in Skyrim?

  2. N8 says:

    It’s all good Malik. You’ll find someone to enjoy 2XP with. I got my lady Mass Effect 3 DLC and tickets to a beer tasting event. There’s nerdy ladies out there who want to see you in those wigs. 

  3. Darkman220 says:

    I never celebrated Valentine’s Day I only watched a bunch of dumb action movies 

  4. Mous3 says:

    I lucked out I found a co-op partner to do the valentines stuff. 

  5. erich says:

    My fiance’s Grandmother passed away on Valentines Day, so it is a non-holiday for us! lol