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Nerdist: Play – What is the Worth of a Video Game?

“Is it worth it?” That’s the question I’ve encountered when I mention that I’ve completed The Order: 1886. The topic of video game value is more subjective than most of the console war ramblings that take place across various message boards. But even so, there are still a massive amount of people who seem to believe that there are guidelines in place that determine what a sufficient amount of video game content is. It’s confusing to say the least, and almost as if there’s some universal-yet-unspoken standard for how much content a video game should have before it’s worth sixty bones. According to many critics, press and consumers alike, The Order: 1886 fell far short of that unofficial standard.

On this week’s Nerdist: Play, we’ll be entertaining a question that is very much subjective in nature: what makes a game worthy of a $60 purchase? Are you into easily consumable, short single-player experiences? Or do you require your game have at least 20+ hours of content within it to justify your purpose? Was The Order: 1886 really an unworthy experience? We’re talking about all of that right here, so be sure to slap your thoughts down in the comments below.

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  1. Hash Yilmaz says:

    Forget the haters ,,, the order was wicked. I loved it and I am still playing. It all depends on how much time you have to burn. If you are young or a games reviewer you might have an little bit of an odd perspective because you can finish the game in one or two sittings. I have two kids and a senior job so time is at a premium for me. The Order is simply beautiful and I am really enjoying it. Also in the UK we play closer to $70 for the game so stop complaining. The way I see it you pay £15 to $20 in the UK to sit in the dark for two hours and watch a film …. I think that 3 x that for 4 times the length and total engagement is worth the money. 

  2. Troy says:

    Im confused when people say great story, cause unless I accidentally got the demo version instead of the retail when I picked it up, there are SO many plot holes. There are way too many to list but Ill throw a few out to illustrate my point (Minor spoilers): Exactly who and what are the Lycans? Why are the knights at war with them? Where the frak did Vampires come from? Are Lycans and Vamps related? Working together? Master/slaves? Why didn’t Galahad say “hes a vampire!” while being arrested? If, as Malik said in his review, the Knights sole purpose is to fight these creatures, why wouldn’t they at least question the guy regardless of who he is? During Galahads trial, why didnt he say ANYTHING in his defense? Who was the guy in the robe (my money is on Merlin) that kept talking to Percival at the beginning and then “would come back for Galahad” when your recovering in the shack? (And never did come back) Theres a lot more questions I have and while I did find the game fun for the most part, the  stealth sections and lack luster story killed it for me in the end. Pretty does not = great game.

    • Malik Forté says:

      Yeah man, I think they should have gave us more closure or made a better cliffhanger as opposed to leaving plot holes. This hurt the game most for me when I was scoring it. An entire burrito! 

  3. Phil says:

    I loved The Order and I’m super stoked that I didn’t listen to the early naysayers. The game was amazing, and I felt that it was definitely an adequate amount of game. I’m fine with a single player campaign being “short” as long as the story is engrossing enough to carry it; The Order had that in spades.

  4. Jdge439 says:

    60/7.5=8 p/hour. It doesnt matter to me, at this point how immersive the game is, that is more expensive than a good movie.

    8*2.25= 18 for the cost of a movie. 18*2.5= 45 dollars. Meaning, for that 60 bucks, I could have taken the kid and girl to a great immersive movie and enjoyed it for cheaper and spent time with them.

    Cold way to look at it, but, for the price of entertainment per hour, its too high. Not too mention, This game would not be something the woman would play with me, so Its more expensive than going to the movie by myself.

    I prefer games I can share with her, and even the kiddo. Now, she loves Zelda games, I introduced her to gaming with Twilight Princess, Figured that was something she could play, almost all the way by herself. Together we spent 45 hours playing that game.  60/45=1.33 p/hour of entertainment for 2. Thats generally how I budget our gaming expenses. And it tends to give me quality gaming, and more than not, quality time with the woman.

  5. kerrell says:

    Game play that’s good and very fun. Also a very intriguing storyline that keeps you wanting to play the game. If it has those things then a shorter length time isn’t necessarily a big deal. Like The Wolf Among Us,it’s not the longest game but damn I had a blast playing it. I think what it comes to is if a game leaves you with a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction upon completion then you got your money’s worth.

  6. Smiffleblurf says:

    After completing The Order, both the gameplay was fine, but nothing innovative. The presentation was outstanding. It’s just for a title that was designed to mostly use a film-like format, the story was absolutely too dull and unpaced throughout most of it and the characters weren’t that compelling to even make me care.

    I think the value player’s expect out of game length is subjective. Because if this were a 3 hour “movie game” that was something like Guardians of the Galaxy then it would have been seen differently. Random successful film pick, but you know what I mean. The Order’s problem was just it’s story/characters were not interesting enough to carry as a film, so why try a 6 hour game.

    • Malik Forté says:

      I thought they carried pretty well. I enjoyed seeing the dynamic between Galahad and the other members of the Knights. 

  7. ericmci says:

    Why are there so many jump cuts??

  8. mikedudez says:

    re-playability is that not what makes a game even awesome.

  9. lummy says:

    Now that I have kids and far less time, I actually probably would/will appreciate well-crafted, shorter storylines.  Though I historically loved the long RPG story lines of things like Mass Effect, etc., I have only a couple hours a week for gaming anymore…  a 100hour game literally will take most of a year to play through.  I’ll still do it for great games, but a really well written shorter game is fine.  In the end, its always the quality rather than quantity of the content…  and if you really demand huge playlines, just wait a few months and get it for $40 or less.

  10. Kerry says:

    When I was a teenager and had all the time in the world to play games (and little disposable income), the length of a game and its replayability were all that mattered.  If a game was short, at best you could recommend it as a renter.

    As an adult, with less time to play games and more disposable income, I am willing to say (and my younger self would say I am crazy) that it is possible for a game to be too long.  The Assassin’s Creed games are wonderful.  The story is compelling, there is plenty of action in missions, and tons of variety in the activities outside of the main storyline.  But there is just so much to do an collect.  Maybe my problem is that I am a completionist and like collecting achievements.  I want to finish the game, but I don’t necessarily want to devote an entire month to a game.

    There is some value to playing a game that is an intense experience the entire time (save for some breathing space), even if that time is brief.  And, if the game is short, there are ways to get my value out of it.  I could replay it on another difficulty, or give it to a friend.  If I pay for a game once and two people end up getting a worthwhile experience out of it, that is one way to get my money’s worth.

  11. James says:

    A great story, good gameplay, and after I beat it I want that feeling of satisfaction.  In terms of length, I’d prefer it to be at least 7+ hours for a $60, so I can see why people don’t think The Order quite lived up to it.  
    I commend them for creating a new IP and trying something different (cinematic experience), but after reading the reviews, the close quarter environments, and how cinematics account for half of the play time, I will skip this one until it’s around $30.

  12. Jeremy Keim says:

    Play ability and a great story line