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Nerdist Play: Weighing In on #GamerGate

Social media has been quite the cesspool of bad vibes for members of the gaming community over the course of the last month. The #GamerGate situation has brought out the uglier side of many people, with some of the industry’s key female figures taking more harassment than normal, and this hot mess is getting more out of control as the days go by. There’s a part of me that wants to tell the women of the industry, “Hey, this is the internet, you have to expect this type of behavior from people and be tough,” but that’s much easier said than done when you’re receiving a bunch of offensive comments and death threats.

Perhaps I’ve been jaded spending so much time around Jessica Chobot, who, is a pretty tough cookie and doesn’t let things on the internet get to her. But not everyone one has thick skin, and not everyone should have to, right? I don’t believe that the responsibility of solving this problem should be put into the hands of the victims, but this may just be one of those things that will never be instantly solved. On today’s episode of Nerdist Play, I give the advice I tend to give my own female friends when asked about this issue, but not before taking a moment to show the PC players how they can experience Destiny without owning a living room console.

We also are giving away two very cool sets of Link and Ganondorf statues from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! All you have to do is to enter is tweet this week’s episode out with the hashtag #ExcuseMePrincess. (More on the official rules here. Contest ends Saturday, Sept 13 at midnight.)

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  1. DiHard11 says:

    Being a gamer should be synonymous with playing games, not death threats and anonymous internet harassment. I want to talk about gaming with pride, but today the first thing people think of when they hear “gamer” is some asshole who threatened a school shooting in Utah. Now there are women in the gaming industry who are being threatened with physical violence.  Visible, respected people in the gaming community need to speak out and stop this nonsense. One of those could be Nerdist!

  2. Sandy says:

    Sigh. I suppose I should be grateful that you took the ‘I have no idea what’s going on but cyber abuse is bad’ route rather than the ‘call everyone who supports GamerGate a misogynist’ one. But you really should educate yourself on the movement more, not just focusing on the massive trolling ( happening on both sides btw). Better step up your game, Nerdist.

  3. FreakaZoid says:

    wow… This was great. Good job. I can finally see this for what it is. We longer do ANY research in this industry. Congratulations though, you contributed 3:25 video displaying you journalistic, or should I lack there of, ability. I don’t need to tell you how much work you managed to NOT to put into this. As an added bonus. Not only does this video frame this fact quite eloquently but also most of these comments do as will. (Your viewers know more than you plus are informing you.)
    Tell ya what puddin’. Go ahead hop back-on to Destiny, do something there. Because. You’ve managed to do nothing here and get paid for it. 

  4. Bobbo foot says:

    Wait what? No, #Gamergate is about anti censorship. It’s about how game journalist started silencing people. It’s not about hating women because they are women.

  5. GooseGanja says:

    If its such a negative “BS” issue … Why the F are you even reporting on it. Nerdist=FoxNEWS? nah… just the good ol Turdist.

  6. You could have at least done the slightest bit of research before you made a video about #GamerGate. I think Nerdist just lost a lot of followers..

  7. YoureStillMyNinjaMalik says:

    Disappointed that you too are in the same group of people who don’t fully understand the situation, it’s more than what you talked about in the video…disappointing. 

  8. GooseGanja says:

    WTF happened to the Podcast loving Nerdist? #NerdistOverextended

  9. GooseGanja says:

    Agreed 🙁

  10. GooseGanja says:

    Nerdist edits comment (IE removes them) all the time. Up until a few months ago when people were sending hate mail to the headquarters for doing so. Don’t have a comment thread if all your going to do is take them down and bitch about them on your fucking lame podcast!

  11. Bobbo foot says:

    N you are wrong

  12. Bobbo foot says:

    I think we just caught Anita in a lie. That’s not Quinn. Also we caught Phil phish in one too. Sio maybe you should look @ #Gamergate for more than .05 seconds before you start running your mouth

  13. winchester says:

    seriously? hasn’t gamer gate ALWAYS been about gender??