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Nerdist: Play – Wavedashing Into The Future of Fighting Games

Remember how groovy it was playing that game Shaq Fu back in the day? Anyone? Well, even if that last question is one you don’t often hear, if ever, I think we all can agree that this game holds a special place in the history of fighting games. With the recent rise of indie games and the aversiveness of the flourishing fighting game community, the possibilities of another Shaq Fu (or something much better) are definitely in the cards. To make things sweeter, there are a tons of old fighting games featuring mechanics unique to the genre worth taking influence from.

On today’s Nerdist: Play, we’ll talk about some of the fighting games worth playing, the ones to look forward to, and some oldies that we hope to see make a return, even if only in spirit. We’ll follow that up by looking at what’s to come in the year of fighting games, the competitive fighting game scene, and finally I’ll give a very “hunch-like” prediction of who will win the Street Fighter championship at this year’s EVO competition.

I dislocated my left wrist while tweeting in agony during the Green Bay Packers’ playoff loss over the weekend, so no Twitter question for today. But if you want to have your voice heard on the next episode of PLAY, be sure join the conversation with yours truly over on Twitter!

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  1. Sparks says:

    Hot damn! Malik is a Packer fan?

  2. Alex says:

    As much as I’d love a new Rival Schools, Darkstalkers or even Plasma Sword, Capcom will never, ever make sequels for those games. Capcom is way to concerned with the bottom line.

    It’s why they’re only releasing Street Fighter 5 for the PS4 and PC. I don’t feel it’s because they couldn’t afford to make it for all consoles, but rather they just had no plans to make Street Fighter 5 until a few more years down the line. That was until Sony came and offered them some funds.

    Also because of the mistakes Capcom themselves made with Street Fighter X Tekken (which I enjoyed but the community very much had the right to be upset at their poor practices with on-disc DLC.) I don’t think we’ll see a VS game made by Capcom for quite sometime and might never again see a Marvel VS game. Apparently Tekken VS Street Fighter is still happening but Harada of Bandai Namco hasn’t given us anything on that in a very long while. Still Capcom working on Capcom VS SNK 3 has a snow balls chance in hell, especially now.

    You can despise their decisions but maybe we should just try to be happy with what we can get with Street Fighter 5 because that will be the only fighting game Capcom will work on for quite sometime. Hell I see it as the only fighting game series Capcom will work on this console generation. Yes I really think Street Fighter 6 for this console generation, 5-6 years from now is much more likely than Darkstalkers 4.

    Power Stone, maybe. I don’t see that as really a fighting game. People have accepted Smash as a fighting game (rightfully so) but Power Stone really isn’t. It’s got more in line with Final Fight than it does Street Fighter. That series, maybe. I think Capcom outside of their big titles, (Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry) should focus on smaller titles. Releasing a 20 arcade Power Stone 3 I think would do the company some good. They need to make or publish more games like Strider.

  3. Adventureless_HERO says:

    I have been building up my thumb callouses playing Killer Instict on the Xbox One. I would greatly welcome return of some of those old titles, especially Rival Schools!

  4. Steve says:

    I agree with you, we need more options for arcade sticks for the PS4 and Xbox One, the few they have are sold out and super expensive, I guess companies like Mad Catz don’t like our money. Injustice for free on PS4 but had to use a regular controller, that sucked.