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Nerdist: Play- Top 5 Games Of 2014 (Ft. Jessica Chobot)

This year hasn’t been just any year in gaming– it’s been the first full year of the PS4/Xbox One era. This has brought about everything from stellar action-RPG titles, to incredible indie games in the world of console gaming. Since we all discussed our personal Game of The Year choices a couple weeks back, it’s time to take a closer look at the best of the best 2014 had to offer.

This week on Nerdist: Play, Jessica Chobot and I go back and recall our favorite games of 2014. Who will emerge as the best from a crowded pack of solid contenders? Will Jessica and I agree on who should be at the top of the list? Chances are, words will be exchanged, because we all know how excited Jessica gets when it comes to Dragon Age: Inquisition:

Happy Holidays, everyone! We’re steady sipping egg nog and singing Christmas carols down at town square, so no Twitter question today folks. But if you want to have your voice heard on a future episode of PLAY, be sure to join the conversation with yours truly over on Twitter!

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  1. A Nerdnick says:

    I haven”t played DA, but being as both DA and SoM are set in swords and sorcery type fantasy worlds and most modern fantasy is based on (if not ripped off from) Tolkien’s works, I don’t see how you can say you like DA but are not a fan of LotR style fantasy? Just not getting it.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    My most fun and favorite game of the year was South Park stick of truth 

  3. Mitchell says:

    Hmmm.. my top 5. I am literally about to start Dragon Age now so I have to leave that out. I haven’t played Farcry 4 yet, so same goes with that. Now lets see.

    5. Wolfenstein The New Order
    4. Titanfall
    3. Shadow of Mordor
    2. Sunset Overdrive



    Seriously that was one of the best games I think I have ever played. Really.

  4. GigaMave says:

    Dragon Age Inquisition was broken! So yeah… number 2!

    • Bee says:

      Agreed… While it is a huge improvement from DA2… I’ve had a a couple game breaking glitches where I’ve had to reload the game from previous saves in order to progress through the game. Plus, that menu system… My god… They couldn’t come up with something more intuitive than that?

      Despite all that, DA:I is a very, very  good game but to me, Shadows of Mordor was perfect. Enjoyed every single minute of that of that game.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Malik is right. What Monolith did with the Nemesis System is huge. The fact that I can have gaming experience that nobody else will have is incredible. I don’t think that you have to be a fan of LOTR to enjoy this game for the same reason I don’t think you have to be a fan of militarized animals to have fun playing Far Cry 4.  All that said, enjoying a game is subjective and all of these games are dope.

  6. jerkface says:

    Can’t buy Dragons Age on Steam so wont play it

  7. Charlie says:

    Dragon Age is ABSOLUTELY number #1! The amount of love and passion that the devs put in to the game is mindblowing. The content is endless with the beautiful living world, the perfect voice acting, music and character depth. It is THE best game I have ever played. Half Life 2 may still be my favourite, but I enjoyed Inquisition more. It’s THAT good.

  8. Dave E says:

    I’m with Jess… DA:I is #1

  9. JamesK says:

    I agree with Jessica, but Malik is still right as Mordor should be #2.  I’m just really glad that Destiny (damn disappointing POS) is no where on this list.
    Thank you.

  10. The Gnome says:

    The fact that Sunset Overdrive didn’t make the list, but Bayonetta 2 did is absurd. Bayonetta 2 is the epitome of style over substance gameplay, while also illustrating the problems with gender in gaming that the community has struggled with this year.

    • KaraoYoshi says:

      No, no and no. 

    • Dave B says:

      Never played Sunset Overdrive… gotta say that Bayonetta 2 was a fun game, very visceral, the combat just felt good… not sure if it’s top 5, tho… and Yeah, there are def some gender issues there.

  11. kerrell says:

    Sorry Malik but I’m with Jessica. Dragon Age is number one. I feel the same in the sense that to enjoy Shadow Of Mordor,you have to be a fan of Lord of the rings. I have to like the subject matter of a game just as much the gameplay to be into it.