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Nerdist: Play – The Survivor’s Guide To Dealing With Online Trolls

Dealing with the hostile trolls of online gaming is pretty easy, isn’t it? Well, perhaps it is if you’re someone like me–a person who’s heard and seen pretty much every insult and slur that the 56k modem era had to offer and beyond. There are many horror stories related to playing video games online, and for anyone who is just getting into the swing of this growing format, you definitely want to be aware of the sometimes rancorous environment that crops up with voice chat.

On this week’s episode of Nerdist: Play, I offer up several work-arounds for folks who are exhausted with the never-ending sea of online gaming trolls. Asking folks to practice good behavior is something we’ll have to stay vigilant about, but there’s always something the “victims” of such behavior can do to mitigate their displeasure.

Are you the type of person who is quick on the draw with your mute button when you come across jerks online? Do you get into verbal squabbles, going troll for troll with whomever throws shade in your direction? How do you deal with mean folks in online games? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Isis says:

    Gaming use to be about having fun and beating a score etc, now with the rise of some people not having anything to do but be on a game, most people have become antisocial creeps. The worst part is most of these people think this works in real life. 

  2. LetsLoveEvery1 says:

    So you’re saying that…i shouldn’t hack their bank account and transfer all their money to a local charity anymore

  3. Thursday says:

    My absolute favourite is using the exact phrase: “A kissaroo from me to you!”  The trolls who are using caustic and vulgar terms FLIP RIGHT OUT.   Follow up with how much you love/want them and they wig.  Works best on your “bro” variety troll. 

    Heard someone use it and immediately adapted it myself.  Lots of fun!

  4. Erik Helms says:

    Holy crap, a Love Fist shirt.

  5. alec says:

    The problem I run into is when we’re in a party together and they well; Leroy Jenkins’ your party. So best on you forgot was reporting them for their trolling 

  6. scoopHD says:

    Mute EVERYONE.  As long as the game allows it.Couple ways to stay off troll radar.  1) don’t ever defend yourself when they get annoyed with you.2) Have a neutral user name and if you are a girl don’t have a girl user name.  They just get blasted.

  7. Kevin Kraze says:

    Cool video full of tips for the youngsters online out there. I completely ignore trolls (Don’t Feed the Trolls) or go the opposite and crave that they keep trolling me. I start getting clingy and follow them around (Stalk the Troll). The latter usually gets them to stop.