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Nerdist: Play – The State of the Nintendo Wii U

Author’s Note: In this video I made the statement that Bayonetta is out today. While this may be true if you live in Japan, other regions (including the U.S.) will have to wait until October 24 to get in on the action.

When the Wii U launched a couple of years ago, there were many questions surrounding the console and its viability amongst Sony and Microsoft’s yet-to-be released next-gen hardware. The Wii U had been seen as comparable to the Xbox 360 and PS3 graphically and far too confusing with it’s tablet peripheral, thus the reason many wrote the console off for a period of time. As time has gone by, Nintendo has continued to bring reasons not only why the Wii U is worth having in your living room, but why it’s a totally different experience when compared to anything Sony or Microsoft has done.

On today’s episode of Nerdist: Play, we’ll be discussing the current state of Nintendo’s Wii U console, and how it’s holding up after getting off to a rough launch back in 2012. Also, you’ll be getting a first hand look at a player who plays NBA 2K15 religiously. I’ll let you make what thou wilt out of what exactly that means.

I asked you guys on Twitter what the best Nintendo console was, and these were some of the responses that didn’t make it into today’s episode:







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  1. Warren Blyth says:

    The weird thing about the WiiU is it offers this unique input device: and so few games use it. When third parties started announcing they were just going to cripple their game by removing things for the WiiU port, I wanted to tear my hair out. – give it a special gamepad focused mode, give it a couch co-op mode! bleargh!Also think it weird that no form of assymetrical Dungeons&Dragons experience has been announced. where one person used the gamepad to DM the game for the 4 plays with wiimotes. seems like the ideal wiiU game. 
    anywho. this all leaves me wildly optimistic about where it could go. hopefully indie game devs will make these things.

  2. Ben Goddard says:

    Uh … dude … “Bros.” is pronounced “brothers”.

  3. I love the Wii U!!!

    Even without all of the third party support, there are still some satisfying third party games. Tank Tank Tank is a blast when doing “Couch Co-Op”. Batman Arkham City was so much easier on the Wii U due to the weapon selection being on the gamepad screen and I could have a map without taking up screen realestate. Disney Infinity 1.0 was made easier when it came to building your own worlds because of the gamepad screen.

    Add to this Mario Kart, Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario 3D Land and Wonderful 101 and you have a council with some amazing software and a beneficial “gimmick”

  4. kerrell says:

    I know most people probably picked the N64 and they’d be right with games like goldeneye,ocarina of time,starfox,turok, all things mario. But I’m gonna pick the game cube. why? Zelda Twilight Princess that’s my all time favorite zelda game also another reason Rampage: Total Destruction. Cause smashing building as a giant wolf monster was just so much fun.