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Nerdist Play: The Most ****ed Up Deaths in Video Games

Bloodborne is in stores this week and there’s one thing that’s for certain: there’s going to be a lot of gore and a lot of death. There’s also going to be a plethora of broken Dual Shock 4 controllers– it’s kind of what From Software is known for. The developer has a catalogue of games that are filled with dying due to their intense difficulty levels–Bloodborne being their most violent and death-excessive creation to date.

Hopefully you’re not the squeamish type, because this week’s episode of Nerdist: Play will be a trip back to some of the most gruesome death sequences in the world of video games. Did any of your most gory gaming experiences make it into this video? If not, share your crazy video game deaths in the comments below.

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  1. Travis says:

    I was always a fan of Duke Nuke 3D finale.

  2. agamemnondx says:

    Call me crazy, but I felt Mario’s drowning death in Mario 64 was a little more real than I needed at age 12.

  3. Drogo says:

    Manhunt! That is all

  4. Frank says:

    Dead space 1, 2 & 3 has some crazy death scenes.

    • Malik Forté says:

      Haha, this one had some rather popular ones. The needle in the eye one being the most notable. I don’t know though, they just didn’t grip me the same way these others did– possibly because I expected them in Dead Space

  5. wraith says:

    You should check out Phantasmagoria on Youtube. It’s one of those live action horror games from the 90s. 

  6. Tucker Rigsby says:

    Resident Evil 4 with the Novistador Acid death is pretty gruesome, but the falling death in Mirror’s Edge speaks to me on a lizard brain level.

    • Malik Forté says:

      Ah yeah! The wind effects before hearing the splattering crackle to the ground is super cringe-worthy

  7. Eric B says:

    When the Bloater in The Last of Us gets it’s hands on you…

  8. jmb45 says:

    The first time I was chained sawed in half on RE4, geeked me out. 

  9. Dan Casey says:

    Not the biggest fan of the gameplay, but there’s some pretty gnarly deaths in The Evil Within. #ChainsawPete #NeverForget