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Nerdist: Play – The Future of Capcom Games

I love Capcom– always have and always will. But these days it seems the boys in blue and yellow have been struggling, enough so to have people questioning the future of the brand and its relevance in the gaming world. Though I believe the Capcom brand is far too relevant to ever fade from existence, I certainly believe that there are far worst things on Capcom’s resume in recent years than their decision to remove parrying from Street Fighter games.

On today’s episode of Nerdist: Play, I talk about some of these issues and give my ideal scenario for the future of Capcom and some of its renowned franchises. Also, you get a first look at why it’s a terrible idea to go AFK in Destiny while visiting the game’s town area known as “the Tower.”

I asked folks on twitter what the best Marvel vs Capcom team was. Here are a few of the top tier answers that didn’t make it into today’s episode.

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  1. RedwoodCoast says:

    DC Comics buys them to inject relevant  characters into their struggling team franchise.

  2. GospelX says:

    Heh, no one is suggesting that Mega Man go to Comcept? That’s clearly the best fit, but they’d have to do another Kickstarter just to afford it. Mega Man can go to Nintendo, who probably wouldn’t have a problem calling Inafune and his team in to actually make the game.
    Resident Evil and Onimusha should go to Konami, who have proven they can do scary with the Silent Hill franchise. If not there…then Nintendo again, with an assist from whatever members of Silicon Knights they can scrape up off the pavement. (Everyone knows Eternal Darkness was amazing.)
    Devil May Cry can go to Platinum, Team Ninja, or Ninja Theory.
    Monster Hunter should go to Bamco. They’d make some sweet toys for it, too.
    The fighting games, including Street Fighter, should go to SNK Playmore. We all want another Capcom vs. SNK, plus I think the synergy between the teams who work on the games may result in an even more fantastic engine in the future.

    There should be an option in there for Grasshopper to acquire any of the titles. Now I’m thinking that Suda 51 could make an amazing Onimusha…

  3. adam says:

    Valve = Resident EvilNintendo = Monster HunterMicrosoft = Street FighterPlaystation = Devil May CrySEGA = Megaman

  4. Tom says:

    Nintendo should just buy the whole lot of Capcom titles.

  5. kerrell says:

    But seriously though it would really suck if Capcom ended up fading away all together.Lookin forward to the next episode,keep it up Malik. you’re doing a great job.