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Nerdist: Play – The Best Music Games Ever! (From SXSW)

You can drop-shot opponents in first-person shooters, you can drop combos in fighting games, but only in music games can you drop the bass. Haha, please pardon the corny intro, but I had to get your attention somehow! Now that I do, let’s talk a little about the music game genre. Aren’t the many different ways that developers have gamified music simply astounding? From Space Channel 5 to the recently announced Rock Band 4, the wide array of choices for gamers who love music integrated into their gameplay is possibly more impressive than most of today’s genres that have mainstream popularity.

This week’s episode of Nerdist: Play is coming to you straight from SXSW in Austin, Texas, where I’ll be recapping some of the best video games in the music genre that have ever been created. Are you a fan of music-based video games? If so, what are some of your favorites? Check out my top five list and be sure to bass drop your thoughts into the comments below.

Nerdist Gaming is growing and you can find us all over the internet these days! If you’d like to continue the conversation, you can check us out every week on our Twitch channel or every day on our Facebook page! Also, if you’d like to chat about videos games with me directly, I’m only one tweet away @Malik4Play.

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  1. Revengelover says:

    Oh! And you can’t forget about REZ.

  2. Revengelover says:

    Lumines! Every Extend Extra! Ejay Clubworld! Beatmania! FlashFlash Revolution! TAIKO DRUM MASTERRRRRRRR!

  3. Jon4thon says:

    Mine will always be hands down: just dance I know it’s cheesy, but hey I met my wife playing it….

  4. Matt says:

    During the DDR comments, the video playing was of Pump it Up, a similar Korean game. 

  5. Paynner says:

    Guitaroo Man for PS2 is one of  my all time favorites. Very few people seems to know or remember it.  Precursor to Elite Beat Agents. Check it out!

    • Dom says:

      Gitaroo Man! All time favorite game! Broke so many psp analog sticks in that game when it released its PSP version