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Nerdist: Play – Is ASSASSIN’S CREED’s New Direction a Good One?

Assassin’s Creed is an interesting franchise, mainly because it manages to recreate itself in a way few other series are capable of. If you took Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and put it next to the upcoming installment Assassin’s Creed: Unity, you’d be hard pressed to find many similarities in the core gameplay. Can you believe that Unity is the first Assassin’s Creed to implement a dedicated crouch button? Deviation like these in the series’ mechanics are sure to bring about many burning questions.

On this week’s episode of Nerdist: Play, you’ll get my impressions from playing the latest installment of the action/adventure franchise at an event in Vegas last week. But not before taking a look at possibly the most impressive Dark Souls 2 Let’s Play to ever grace our glorious internet.

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  1. Shadowofdeath says:

    To be honest I really hope AC unity doesn’t go overboard with the co-op. I’ve been a long standing fan of the series since the launch of the original and even though I admit there have been the occasional cringe worthy moments I have really enjoyed myself. Throwing away great mechanics I have come to expect as for a new mechanic to come into it’s own the old one must be put aside however back to my original point, I very much enjoy single player games. If AC unity forces me into playing with others simply because the missions is otherwise impossible might be a deal breaker. Just going to have to wait for the launch I guess.

  2. Emil Terhoven says:

    I am still excited for Unity. While i recognize some previous titles were better than others, i have never felt ‘disappointed’ with an AC game and the prosect of a new story is enticing. 
    However, as somebody else below said, i hope the story is well written. That’s one of the main reasons i play AC. 
    BUT i am sad adverserial multiplayer is removed. I was one of the 15 people still playing it. 

  3. Skywardking says:

    It’s the story that made me love the original five games, and if this goes too far away from that, this might be the last AC game i pick up for a while. Especially after AC4 disappointed last year. Was decent, but nothing so special that it deserved to be a numbered sequel. I guess i’ll just have to see.

  4. kerrell says:

    I was excited for this game at first but now I’ve made a 180.I never really cared for co-op and the changes they made to the combat sounds like no fun to me. So after the somewhat disappointment that was watchdogs and now the new direction of AC. I’ve given up on Ubisoft.
    I see Malik that your white pants are still spotless,during the twitch stream I kinda hoped that jess would of spilled her McDonald’s on them. Also you trying to teach her to play shadow of mordor was funny.

  5. Leon Kennedy says:

    Assassin’s Creed: Operation Racoon City

  6. Cyco says:

    Not what isn’t fun? Being forced to play a game multiplayer. This looks terrible. It is going to be fun watching the complaints roll in once it is released.

  7. is it even possible to play Assassin’s Creed Unity single player? I’m not sure I understand.

    • From what I have read you can play missions single player, however, some missions have the option to do the multiplayer aspect.

      But, you can still modify your character with different gear to do different things. And, based on that, you can find people that compliment your build.

  8. #WhitePantsIlluminati