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Nerdist: Play – Does DESTINY Live Up to the Hype?

It was just a little over a year ago that Bungie made the statement that Destiny‘s lore was comparable to that of Star Wars– a bold statement if I’ve ever heard one. Now that the first week of Destiny has gone by, the question of whether or not
the game has delivered on the hype it generated is still a highly debatable topic, which may lead many to believe otherwise due to the lack of a definitive answer.

On today’s episode of Play, I’ll be weighing in on the game’s lacking plot elements and will be joined by a very special guest, Jessica Chobot. And as usual, we kick things out by looking at one of the many intriguing game-related happenings of the web– with a modified Xbox One being the winner of our attention today.

I asked you guys on twitter what’s the best subclass in Destiny, and here are some of the awesome answers I received on Twitter.

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  1. Eric says:

    I totally agree. The story is beyond lacking despite having premium talent behind it (Peter Dinklage, Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, etc). I play an Awoken….and I have no idea what that means outside of “something mysterious happened in the universe to create them.”On the other hand, I love playing this game with my buddies that moved away, because it really connects us in missions and PvP. As long as you accept that, it’s totally fun, but man, I wish I could have some story alongside it.

  2. Quinn says:

    YES! So glad he said Borderlands!

  3. Brian says:

    Ever since the re-design of the website, nothing works. Whoever’s  responsible hosed you guys.

  4. Trails says:

    Jessica needs to be a regular. I like the dual commentary.

  5. jm5150 says:

    Theres a story, you just have to find it. Its not cut and dry. Its very “nonchalant” in its telling of it. You don’t learn much from the start.. theres a thing, and it landed and earthlings left, and some stayed and you were woken up for some war.. as you progress you have to piece the story together. Sort of like how you would if you ACTUALLY were just woken by some sprite thing and told “hey, yeah so some stuff went down, youre a guardian, you gotta save the day”.. Ill admit its not as clear as it should be, but the more you play, the more you can try to piece that story together. It is tough though. There were suddenly two waring alien factions fighting each other and I didn’t know why. I missed the telling of that… oh well.. My only gripe is the repetitiveness of stages. go to the moon, go to earth, go back to that same place on the moon that now has different enemies, go back to earth to that other same stage.. etc. Its a fantastic game, but they just had slight hiccups they could have addressed to make it a 10………..8.5 from me

    • ToeKnee_G says:

      This. Lots of the story isn’t cut and dry and if you read the grimiore on bungies  site, yiu actually get tons more of the story and background and lore about everything. Also, read on reddit and you’ll find tons of information on the lore, it is really fascinating. Also, you didn’t cover raids, they are a big portion of the game. I feel you only spoke about 50% of the game and therefore gave it an unfair review. Read the grimiore, learn about the traveler, the Exo stranger, the vex, the hive, the higharchy of the alien races, the raids, the public events, then review the game again. The game is totally different in end game and while playing with others. 

  6. QcJoe says:

    Video does not load. Tried three browsers as well

  7. mikedudez says:

    maybe they will bring a story with dlc?

  8. TonyB says:

    cannot view the view and won’t let me sign in

  9. Zaaneek says:

    Never had luck with your video player.

  10. Maxbrn says:

    video’s broke yo

  11. Tim says:

    The video doesn’t seem to work for me.  I’ve tried in 3 browsers.  🙁