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Nerdist Photo Caption Contest 4

Did YOU whisper secrets to an alpaca today? No?
Then vicariously live through ME.

I thought this would make the perfect pic for the next photo caption contest. Submit your entries in the “Comments” section below. The deadline is Sunday, March 21st at midnight PST.

First prize is a pick-whichever-tshirt-you-like from the awesome design nerds at Wire & Twine (pending availability, naturally).

Now caption awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Image: Chris Hardwick/Nerdist

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  1. dan says:

    Bobby Ray and Dalila in a candid photograph taken at planned parenthood.

  2. millertime says:

    I can’t take you anywhere nice.

  3. dalton says:

    new submission: PSSSSST lets see how long we can keep this going

  4. Frank Lloyd Wrong says:

    Who won this contest anyway?

  5. Ray says:

    Longest. Caption Contest. Ever.

  6. shane says:

    “Get ready your next after the donkey show”

  7. Blaqueheart says:

    “Are the llamas screaming, Clairice?”

  8. alaskaposer says:

    ” I wish I could knit you”


    “I wish I could quit you”

  9. Rich says:

    You crouch down behind him on all fours and then I just push him over you! What? Yes, “all fours” refers to your legs…no, “crouch” doesn’t mean chew on his legs…yes, no he’s not going to get hurt…oh fuck it!

  10. algonacchick says:

    Chris – who won the contest? I’m dying here!

  11. Raymond Kemp says:

    “If it was my choice I would keep you instead of Jonah,but you don’t have Opposable Thumbs”.
    “We can hang out though,is that still cool?”

  12. Mark Medlin says:

    “Please don’t tell the Alpaca’s that I suck”

  13. MichaelG says:

    I will make you a sweater out of your own Hair. I promise.

  14. Julie says:

    ^^^ He is a cute angel though…

  15. Julie says:

    Dear Richard Middlen,

    Oh Shit, did I spell Angel wrong! Damn it! What time was it in the morning when I wrote that? Yeah, that’s it. It was too early in the morning.

    I spell everything properly, at all times, normally. 😀

  16. Richard Middlen says:

    ^^^must be an acute angle.

  17. Julie says:

    How about one of these.
    Alpaca: “Awww, I hear the sweet, sweet whisperings of an angle.”
    Alpaca: “Shhh, I hear the voice of my soul mate.”
    Alpaca: “I wonder if he also speaks Alpacanese.”
    Alpaca: “His voice is so smooth, I’ll have to be careful, he could be an Alpaca Charmer.”
    Alpaca: “My Alpaca Poop Jokes will REALLY turn him on.”
    Chris: “Hey Alpaca, Julie is so fine, she’s so fine, she blows my mind!”
    Gay guys joke: I Alpaca, You Alpaca?
    Rapey joke: You Alpaca me, and I send a whole Alpaca Crew after YOU!

  18. andrew says:

    you see that? They are coming for you! Stop TWEETING MORE THAN ME ALPACA!!

  19. Hector says:

    You’re not like the others, alpaca. The others look down upon me, but not you. Not you alpaca. You think I’m funny. You laugh. You always laugh…

  20. Hector says:

    “If you tell ANYONE about it, I’ll hurt your dog.”

  21. Nick says:

    That komondor is sooo in to you.

  22. Oweynj says:

    Yo ass is so hairy, a white Don King’s gonna come out and say, “Pacquiao’s gonna screw Mayweather’s twat!”

  23. Mike says:

    “Dad, no! A cap lasts; a car sits. Tis Ra! Casts alpaca on dad.”

  24. Eric U says:

    Ease your storm, my friend.

  25. Richard Middlen says:

    Alpaca: Dude, I told you not to gnaw on the voodoo priest’s skull rattle.
    Chris: Baaaaaah!

  26. Richard Middlen says:

    Chris Hardwick fuels his 2008 biofueled Alpacar ATV for renewable energy awareness week.

  27. Victor Morales says:

    “I love your movies.”