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Nerdist On TV, September 24th, BBC America (Plus What We Learned At Nerdist This Week)

Okay, so, we now know this: The Nerdist TV special will air Saturday, September 24th. It’ll be on at 10 pm, 9 Central, on BBC America, featuring Chris, Jonah, Matt, Mike Phirman, and special guest Craig Ferguson. It is good. You will like. And you should watch, because the more people who watch it, the more likely there’ll be more made. So tell your friends. Tell your enemies.  Tell people of whom you have no strong opinion either way.  Feel free to tell everyone.  We appreciate your help in getting the word out.

Oh, and to answer a question some of you are already typing, we do not know whether the special will air in the U.K. or in any other territory yet. We have this one episode so far and it’s scheduled to air that night on BBC America.  That’s all the information there is at the moment.  So, please, tune in September 24th, 10 pm, 9 Central, BBC America.  Watch, laugh, enjoy.

You know, I don’t want to post the weekly wrap-up and prematurely bump the TV show news from the top of the page, so I’m just going to tack it on here and save the usual nonsense for next week, okay? Okay. So here’s what the week was like here at Nerdist:

1. The week started with the latest Hostful Podcast, in which Fairuza Balk and Go West were name-checked. The guys also recapped their Montreal trip, and we learned more about Matt’s escape from the Fruit-Themed Computer Store.

2. Girlbot took a shower and encountered a lot of raccoons in the second installment of Diana Nock’s Sunday comic for Nerdist. Read it every week and you’ll see how the relationship between Girlbot and one particular raccoon becomes complicated. Girlbot kinda rules, but she’s got issues.

3. Kyle reviewed the fifth episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day,, on which everybody’s been partitioned into categories and you don’t want to be in Category 2.

4. The Indoor Kids, Kumail and Ali, welcomed Jordan, Jesse, Go!‘s Jordan Morris for a talk about fighting games and watching “pros” play video games.

5. Jake pointed out how SEO has changed comedy by giving priority to web videos about whatever’s trending, whether or not they’re funny. Is the SEO attitude ruining comedy? Be thankful that there’s still room for stuff that isn’t about whatever the latest Twitter hashtag meme might be.

6. Jon calmed us down after the economic quasi-apocalypse following Standard and Poor’s downgrade of U.S. debt. So far, he was right. But it was a crazy week on Wall Street, wasn’t it?

7. Jay saw, and liked, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. A lot of people did. I didn’t see it, but if there’s no Chuck Heston overemoting, it isn’t Planet of the Apes.

8. Kyle tore apart the Battleship trailer. I still can’t believe they’re basing a movie on a peg-board game. When’s the movie version of Yahtzee due?

9. Mindy took us from pointillism to pixel art with tips on how you can be the Seurat of the 21st Century, or something like that.

10. Conan O’Brien sang “Creep” with Edward Sharpe and the Magneic Zeros. What the hell is he doing here? He’s the host. He’s SUPPOSED to be here.

11. To be a repeat guest on the Nerdist Podcast, you’d better be good. Mike Birbiglia is good. Very good.

12. Raising Hope‘s Garret Dillahunt visited Riki for the latest episode of Making It.

13. Matthew G. reviewed Michael Rappaport’s A Tribe Called Quest documentary. It’s a chronicle of musical innovation and personal conflict. Oh, by the way, I found someone’s wallet at a fast-food place up in El Segundo. Anyone know someone called “Q-Tip”?

14. Sex Nerd Sandra’s second podcast spoke of vibrators and dildos and stuff that plugs in. Apparently, Sandra needs more power outlets.

15. Well, I thought the website that makes a color-swatch mosaic out of photos of the New York sky was cool.

16. To catch up, Danny posted a BBC America video of Doctor Who‘s story so far. Watch it to catch up before season 6.5 starts.

17. Chris posted the animated Black Dynamite pilot. It’s coming to Adult Swim next year. You saw it here first.

18. The second episode of the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast included great stories from top Hollywood writers like David Fury, Jeff Greenstein (formerly one of the Jeffs), Emily Cutler, and Cathryn Humphries. If you’re interested in TV or in writing or both, you gotta listen.

19. An NBC promo for James Spader on The Office led to a discussion of the best and worst cast replacements in TV and movies. It’s one thing to regenerate the Doctors, but another to replace Dick York with Dick Sargent. Gotta go with the original Dick there.

20. Mike Phirman released “W00tstock,” a parody of “Woodstock” with backing vocals by Chris Hardwick himself and Paul and Storm themselves. Stream it for free, then buy it for a buck, because you’ll want it on your iPod-like devices.

21. Jessica had a roundup of more books written by Nerdist readers or their friends. Yes, people still read books.

22. Rachael found a ham luge, all set up so you can pour bourbon down the chute directly into your mouth, picking up some pork flavor along the way, no doubt. Mmm. Pork bourbon.

23. BBC America released another Doctor Who trailer, posted by Kyle. Because we can’t have too many Doctor Who trailers.

24. A small island nation is minting Star Wars coins. They kinda look like casino chips. No Jar-Jar quarters, though. I’m sure you’re disappointed.

25. The late PBS painter guy Bob Ross met Waka Flocka in Jordan Laws’ brief yet odd mashup. Hard in da paint, indeed.

26. Becca ‘n’ Matthew G.’s weekly Music Geek Track of the Week was one from Jens Lekman. With a name like Jens Lekman, it’s got to be… um… Swedish?

And, of course, now we know when the TV show will air. So, by all means, enjoy your burrito this weekend, keep an eye out for Todd Glass’ new podcast debuting any minute now, and get ready for September 24th. You might want to camp out in front of your TV starting now, just in case.

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  1. Hilary says:

    great job. nice to get a “new” doctor fix whilst we wait for the next episode.

  2. Sharon says:

    OK great. Could you please put it online so that the southern hemisphere can see?

  3. HK says:

    That’s true. Secrets don’t exist on the internet. Thanks for your promptness Perry!

  4. @HK: Took care of that. Although if you search enough, apparently, the beans have been spilled by the network. Oh, well. I would anticipate that the promos on the air will reveal all, too. Can’t keep it a secret for too long.

  5. HK says:

    Oh crap! There is a spoiler about this episode under “trackback”. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t scroll past the comments! Dang! Still can’t wait for the show.

  6. Meaghan says:

    I’m from Canada, and as such do not get BBC America *sad face*, so I won’t be able to watch the pilot, but I will be thinking good thoughts and hoping all the other nerds will tune in to support you. WHEN the show gets picked up could we try and get it up here in Canada so I don’t have to illegally download it to enjoy? Much love from the Great White North 🙂

  7. Andrew P says:

    I might(will) be tuning in

  8. J-Rod says:

    I solemnly swear that if I have to watch via an illegal channel I will watch again legally at the first option to ease my guilty conscience.

  9. A says:

    Woot! I will most definitely be watching and also telling everyone I know whether they like it or not.

  10. Jessy Montoya says:

    it sucks cause i don’t get BBC America from my cable provider so i hope i can get to see it some where else.

  11. Tim Pedersen says:

    I will be there (in front of my TV) with Liberty Bells on.

  12. Lincoln says:

    Put this up on Tumblr and it’s been reblogged more times than I can count. Apparently people like Chris and Craig…

  13. Zak R. says:

    Awesome! Good job!
    Any idea if it will be available online, for those of us without cable or BBCAmerica? Thanks!

  14. Brandon says:

    Well it’s about god damn time Hardwick. You guys are the best.

  15. Ryan says:

    What will the show be rated, you know, like TV 14, MA, and PG?

    My guess is TV 14 like AOTS, though MA would be nice since you could be more natural and curse as much as you wanted.

    Either way, I’ll tune in. I loved the Craig podcast.

  16. Laura says:

    Sweet Elder Gods! I can’t wait for this to air! MY molecules are vibrating with excitement and caffeine.

  17. Jake says:

    Whoa, does that mean it will follow Doctor Who!?!?!?!? That would be awesome!!

  18. Michael P. says:

    I cant wait! It may well be one of the great moments of my TV watching!

  19. Scott Davis says:

    I will do all the things mentioned in this post… and so is to not be (grammar?) a liar, “Is it in any other territories?”