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Nerdist News: Maleficent, Knife Wielding Robots and Xbox One Giveaway Announcement

Welcome back to the news show recently voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in YouTube’s yearbook. While we’ve wowed you with Thor: The Dark World‘s Jaimie Alexander and teased what we thought was going on in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special trailer, today’s episode brings you Angelina Jolie as a beloved Disney villain in live action, updates on Batman’s designer duds, and scientists accelerating the inevitable blood lust in machines. Watch the episode now to also find out how we’re giving away a brand new Xbox One. Pre-order Smee-0rder (anyone else just picture Cap’n Hook ordering an X-box?)

Come back Friday when we’ll have the first opportunity for you to enter to win an Xbox One by answering Jessica’s contest question at the end of each episode. You can find complete rules for the contest here. We will announce the winner of the Xbox One on November 22nd’s Nerdist News episode.

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  1. William Cooley says:

    Awesome episode!! glad this website exist to satisfy all my nerdy cravings and keep me updated. Hope i win the xbox one!!! Good luck to everybody else.

  2. CJ says:

    Please hire the rest of the G4 Staff (fill that void nobody else is capitalizing on) !

  3. Chewbakachu says:

    If you could just go ahead and remake aots, that’d be greeat.

  4. chris brocco says:

    Cool, Just so you know guys it says it right on the top of the rules right before the HOW TO ENTER.

  5. FreakyTye says:

    I did a lot just to comment. LOTS OF READING INVOLVED

  6. Michael says:

    Remember you have a GLOBAL audience. Promoting US-only competitions on the show only causes Hulk rage for most of your fans. (at least put a “US residents only” footnote at the bottom of the screen so we don’t have to click through to the rules for disappointment)