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Nerdist News: Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN!

Great Scott! Like a last-minute, game-winning touchdown, this end-of-week episode of Nerdist News is downright SHOCKING!

Many were rumored, but few could have guessed that Jesse Eisenberg, of all people, would be playing Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman. In this thrilling episode you’ll get full coverage of the big news, as well as a reveal of who our new Alfred will be, a peek at this weekend’s Super Bowl trailers, confirmation of that rumored Back to the Future musical, and an unbelievable (but probably real) amount of Xbox gossip!

Enjoy today’s episode, bask in the glorious coming of the Superb Owl, tell us what you think about this Lex Luthor business in the comments below, and we’ll see you on Monday for another heart-stopping episode of Nerdist News!

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  1. I personally don’t like the idea of Lex Luthor being in the movie –

  2. Illusion-XIII says:

    Seeing a lot of nerd rage on the interwebs about the Eisenberg decision (particularly by some particularly vehement and deluded people who actually believed the vague rumors about Brian Cranston and thought that he had been brutally rejected by the director). My two cents, it’s not that surprising considering the direction that these kind of movies have been taking. Note the Spiderman movie’s choice for a younger, more Aspbergery (is that a word) Osborn. It seems like they’re moving more towards the young-genius-prodigy-gone-mad model for the arch villain, rather than the gravelly, scenery-chewing sort of Bane/Zod/Doc Oc that’s been done in the last few passes.
    The idea of Lex Luthor as an incarnation of Mark Zuckerberg gone slightly more evil could be very interesting to see, and I’m willing to give them the chance to see if it’s done well. It could suck, but the whole knee-jerk assumption that Eisenberg can only play an awkward teenager (he’s 30, for pete’s sake) is getting a little stale.

  3. Dude McGnarly says:

    They could not do anything else to make me NOT want to watch this movie. I can’t say if it will suck, but it seems like they’re trying to make it suck. Ben ASSflex as batman started it. Eisenberg as Luthor- what? Irons- o.k. Pains me to think of it. I hope I am all wrong.

  4. Le'Ann Allen says:

    Jeremy Irons could read the phone book and it would be awesome. Irons can do no wrong. Eisenberg as Lex Luthor just seems too weird. He is a good actor. But him in this roll would be a shock that would jolt me out of the fantasy. This casting would take away from the movie, not add to it.

  5. Plains Hobbit says:

    Eisenberg? I don’t think anyone one saw that coming. But I’ve actually been thinking for a long time that Irons would make a perfect Alfred! Did a nerdy happy dance when I saw this.

    Thank you Nerdist and Batman vs. Superman Casting Dept. for making my day! [Continues nerdy happy dance]

  6. vismund says:

    well i didnt expect that