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Nerdist Music Roundup: Weird Al, Limp Bizkit, The New Pornographers, And More

Sup nerds? Today’s music roundup really covers a lot of ground, and I am confident that there is something in here for everyone, especially if you love Bob Dylan or have serious J-Bieber schadenfreude like I do. These first lil news nugs are music videos from famous, moderately famous, and infamous groups. Below the videos, you’ll find a list of all the music news that made me smile, cringe, poop, and foot-stomp in the last 24 hours. enjoy, friends:

-Stevie Nicks sounds great (duh) in her new song, “Lady”. Watch the lyric video below:

-Cloud Nothings performed a raucous live session for KEXP in Seattle:

Charli XCX shared the video for “Break The Rules”, her f-ck-going-back-to-school anthem:

– Did you know Limp Bizkit is still making nu metal? Here is a video for their new song, “Endless Slaughter”:


-Bob Dylan announced a complete compilation of his famous Basement Tapes with the Band.

-The New Pornographers poppy new album, Brill Bruisers is out today and you can buy it here.

Ty Segall‘s excellent rock album, Manipulator, is available for purchase.

-Helado Negro is streaming their dancey/dreamy new album via Pitchfork Advance.

Beck has announced west coast tour dates in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Find out more here.

-“Weird Al” musically implored George R. R. Martin to finish the A Song of Ice And Fire novels

-Yesterday’s Music Geek Track of the Day was a face-melting metal track by Deafheaven

-Justin Bieber is being investigated for attempted robbery at a Dave & Busters. Lololol.

-Prince is releasing two new albums on the same day. Does that make September 30 a national holiday?

-Have you heard our latest Doctor Who playlist? Well, what are you waiting for?

-U2 is planning to release an album this year (they’re cutting it close, huh?)

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