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Nerdist Music Dispatch: U2’s Surprise Album, Goodbye iPod Classic, and Childish Gambino Slays A Freestyle

We live in the future and Apple is likely only a few years away from Skynetting us into the apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to get our hands on everything they’re willing to give us until then. Today we discuss U2’s Apple sponsored surprise album, the discontinuation of the iPod Classic : ( and all the other newsy goodness that you absolutely need in your triweekly diet. Lets get to it!

Childish Gambino stopped by Hot97 in New York to deliver a (what must have been prepared because come on; soo good!) freestyle about his roots and vacillating critics who claimed he had the worst album, but best song. In short, our boy Donald killed it. Kilt it!

Spoon stopped by the Late Show With David Letterman on tuesday night to perform the hauntingly limpid track, “Inside Out” from their new album They Want My Soul. It’s sort of odd and endearing to see frontman Britt Daniel only holding a microphone and directing all his energy toward his vocals.


Julian Casablancas + The Voidz released a music video for their second single, “Where No Eagles Fly”. I think I am more legitimately excited about this Casablancas side project than I have been about the last two Strokes albums. Be sure to also check out the first single “Human Sadness” for a dose of very spacey, whilrling, chaotic instrumentals tucked beneath the singer’s famous croak.

Watch The Cure cover “Hello, Goodbye” by the Beatles. Is it just me, or does it seem like Robert Smith is beginning to look more and more like The Joker? [The Guardian]

Eric Wareheim introduced up-and-coming, mega-bubbly, ultra kawaii UK producer SOPHIE when he played the Boiler Room in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Luckily video has finally surfaced of Wareheim attempting to order a pizza from from Alabama for delivery in Cabo, and then introducing the performer.

Paul McCartney will be receiving the tribute album treatment with a 30+ track album with covers from Brian Wilson, KISS, Bob Dylan, B.B. King, and more. The Art Of McCartney is available for preorder now and will release November 18, just in time for the holiday season #gimme

Yesterday, Apple announced the iPhone 6, a big ol’ fat version of the same phones we have been clawing at other humans’ faces to get for the past seven years. In addition to premiering their brand new watch, Apple also announced they would be discontinuing the best invention of my adolescence, the iPod Classic. If I still have my second-generation white brick with the four little buttons, I would play Beck’s Mellow Gold on repeat until my battery burned out. RIP.

U2 semi-Beyoncéd their new LP Songs of Innocence at Apple’s event when their new album magically materialized into everyone’s iTunes libraries. This wouldn’t be the first time the band and brand have collaborated. Ya’ll remember this? The role reversal of who is leaning on whom for coolness was the most conspicuous part of U2’s new album.

Aphex Twin spoke with Rolling Stone for a rare interview, during which he discussed why he prefers DJing anonymously, owning a robot, and why he doesn’t have a cell phone. He also shared all the equipment he used to make his new album Syro, which will drop on September 23 via Warp Recprds. [Rolling Stone and Reddit]

Robert Plant shared a music video for his new single “Rainbow”

Nick Hakimone of our favorite rising stars just interviewed with AudioFemme about his influences. Very excited to see what this guy has in store. [AudioFemme]

Let us know which newsy nugget caught your interest in the comments below!


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  1. John Hall says:

    Losing the iPod Classic!!!! That sucks. Why? Their other products are fine, but none of them have near the storage capacity of the Classic. Yes, I DO want to be able to travel with 30,000 songs and 1500 podcasts!! Who knows what I’ll feel like listening to even 10 minutes from now? And NO, I don’t want a monthly cellular bill just so I can listen to all my stuff from “the cloud”.  Screw “the cloud”!! I’d better go out and pick up an extra classic, just in case…

    • Jesse Bagby says:

      Ditto! I’m going to pick up an extra.

    • Nathaniel H says:

      I’m with you!  The Classic is perfect!  It’s also great for the car, because you can actually feel the skip button without looking down!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve aimed for the skip button on the home screen of my iPhone and just hoped for the best.  Tragic!