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Episode 43: Nerdist Comics Panel
Rants! Edition
Nerdist Comics PanelNerdist Comics Panel

Nerdist Comics Panel #43: Rants! Edition

Heath Corson (Justice League: War) is mad as hell about Amazon’s changes to Comixology; Len Wein (Wolverine; Swamp Thing; Stegron) is rip-snortin’ angry about Amazing Spider-Man 2; Adam Beechen (Hench) and Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour) are just trying to keep things calm.

Why DEADPOOL 2’s “Peter” is More Important Than You Think

Why DEADPOOL 2’s “Peter” is More Important Than You Think

The Story of Fake Wedge in STAR WARS

The Story of Fake Wedge in STAR WARS

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained



  1. niue says:

    Len says that they (the villains) don’t team up in the movie but THEY DO. The green goblin and Electro team up.

  2. If you guys are talking shit about Spiderman I can’t listen to this. I loved Amazing Spiderman 2 way too much

  3. Tausif Khan says:

    I hated Amazing Spider-Man #1 (the movie) because they thought Peter Parker was Superman (in the first set of movies Aunt May even remarks to Peter “you’re not Superman you know”.) Everyone loved him. He revealed his identity to everyone. He got helped by everyone in NYC. It was a love fest. Where is the outcast, mopy, quipy, I can’t deal with life Spiderman?

    Also, as for villain they returned to the old Marvel format of…oh at the end he fights a doppleganger, a what would have been if things had been just a little different.

    God what an awful waste of a movie. Good thing I saw it on a free preview of a pay-per-view cable channel.

    • Tausif Khan says:

      There is one thing I did love about this movie and that is when Peter asks Gwen if she knows how to do a scientific method do produce a certain product she just says yes as if she has done it a million times before and it feels like she is really a scientist and an equal partner to Peter. That was phenomenal.

  4. Alec says:

    That’s because Android doesn’t bar apps from using alternate payment APIs. They did remove the option to pay through Google, and for the same reason as on iOS- they didn’t want to give anyone a cut.

  5. Chris says:

    My argument with the Comixology argument is ( and I don’t know if you guys are aware ) but that only affects iOS products.  On Android they made the ability to buy much easier and have added a shopping cart so i could choose a bunch of comics and purchase them all in one step.  Maybe this will force comic readers to go to Android for convinience