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NERDIMALS: The Best Desktop Background EVER


Remember before when I gave you that swanky Nerdist/Clash of the Titans iPhone background designed by my friend Carlos Ramos? Well how about full desktop Nerdist Art integration?

I present to you, good readers of electronic media, THE NERDIMALS. Nerdimals are my favorite thing in the world right now and were created for this site by the super-kick-ass Athens, Georgian artist Lauren Gregg. This perky lass is BRIMMING with talent. In addition to the fine art reflecting light into your glassy orbs, Lauren is one half of the animation company Kangaroo Alliance AND plays friggin’ bass in the groovy CMYK-themed band The Buddy System.

I know, I know! You all want to marry her! I can’t speak for her relationship status because that’s what social networks are for. But I CAN tell you to visit her many project sites and let her wiggly worms of artistic wonderfulness burrow their way into your heart where they will lay eggs of joy.

As for the Nerdimals, each one represents a facet of our collective Nerdism. So download your way to background awesomeness!

Smaller–>1600 x 1200

Widescreen–>1900 x 1220

Follow the links, then right-click and “Save as…”

Image: Lauren Gregg for Nerdist

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  1. AnnaSpunk says:

    That is just awesome. It is now my desktop background!!!!

  2. this sucks says:

    periodical table of video game characters > your crap

  3. LOL, great job, I might just set it as my background.

  4. sebastian says:

    i like your desings they are pretty kool

  5. Tatyana says:

    I love this site I can do anything its like im free!!!!! You nerds should try it just like me! But im not a nerd like you lamos!!

  6. baloot says:

    thanks nerdist for this background wallpaper.

    cheers from Malaysian bloggers, baloot.

  7. Melby says:

    This totally rocks. I normally only use my own photos and/or creations for backgrounds, however, on my laptop (running Ubuntu) I have very few of my photos and no Photoshop. I’d been using a photo from the Netherlands but it was a gold dragon with blue sky around it, too bright for my taste of backgrounds. So, this is now set as my background. Love it!! Definitely be curious to see what else you have waiting in the wings!

  8. Kristen says:

    I love this desktop graphic so much it replaced a photo of my kid!

  9. Rob says:

    Thanks Chris! My Billy Mays background was getting a little stale.

  10. gene says:

    Christ, Ms. Gregg is ten kinds of cool!

  11. Deltus says:

    Well don’t tease then, Chris. Make with the pics! Let’s really get out nerd-on.

    Now where did I put those D&D die…?

  12. Chris Hardwick says:

    Indeed, Daveus…I already have a bunch lined up for release soon!

  13. Daveus says:

    Great background dude (background is now this), you should have a new one every month from a different artist, that would rock.

  14. thanks for always sharing your cool nerd gear.

  15. Kiala says:

    Omg, I’m totally the horse with the sword and my editor is the Star Trekimal.

    This picture sees inside my soul. Can it tell me my future? If I touch it, will it burn?

  16. FLFantasy5 says:

    So cool, very good.

  17. Deltus says:

    I see the Video Game Playing Nerd (Space Invaders, very old school, very retro), the Academic Nerd, the Trekkie Nerd, the Computer Nerd (I’m not an Apple guy, but I’ve been considering it of late), and the D&D Playing Nerd.

    And what’s really (sad|funny|disheartening|awesome) is that I am all of these.

    No, what’s really (amusing|geekish) is that I phrased the options in this sentence and the last in regex format…

  18. minrice2099 says:

    Haha – finally actually clicked on it. It’s just labeled wrong! Thanks for the awesome wallpaper, haha.

  19. minrice2099 says:

    I like it, but common computer display resolutions are generally either 4:3 (older) or 16:10, so that very nonstandard 1900×1220 isn’t doing it for me; try something in a 1920×1200 (or 2560×1600 for those few WQXGA-ers out there) variety.

  20. Very cool! Thanks for sharing Chris. You rock dude!

  21. Mrmonkeyman says:

    I as well set is as my background love the art style. I’m not gay i just like cartoons. How are to supposed to stay a hilarious human being if you don’t watch cartoons. Your the blue bunny aren’t you?

  22. Alex says:

    That is awesome! *sets as backround*

  23. Katie says:

    the fun! proudly displaying it on my desktop at work!

  24. dawn says:

    love it – thanks for sharing!