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Nerd Tatts Of the Week

So I’m buying jeans at the Beverly Center Mega-Mall complex and Shopatorium today and a dude comes up to me and says, “I love your blog!” which is exciting to me because I enjoy being acknowledged. I reply with the clever, “Thanks!” (as you should do in a situation such as this) and go to shake his hand. When I look down, I see some decorative flesh art that is so epic that I start taking pictures of it almost before I ask if it’s okay.

The best part is, THEY’RE NOT DONE. Soon lightsabers will adorn each finger. He said he felt weird because, “If I were Caucasian, Obi Wan would look right, but because I’m Mexican, he just looks kinda tan,” to which I reply drolly, “Well, Tatooine IS in a binary star system.” *snort laugh*

So to this fine young gentleman with exquisite taste in online periodical literature (whose tweetstream is @matthewebone) I say, “NICE TATOOINE TATTS!”

Btw, don’t bother cutting off his right hand. It would only become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Image: Chris Hardwick/Nerdist

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  1. Scrufy 1 says:

    @ Jamey Bly that would be tight lol. juggalo star wars fan with obi won and Vader above the faygo spot hah

    i <3 devoted nerds who do shit like this

    @ my_leisure LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  2. Jamey Bly says:

    Umm… do his knuckles say “Faygo?”

  3. I’ve got some nerd ink. My entire back is covered in a “Dark Tower” piece. Stephen King fans, HOLLA! I’ve got 25+ hours into it so far and another 10+ hours to go!

  4. my_leisure says:

    Masturbation has to be kind of awkward.

  5. Deltus says:

    That’s gotta be weird, people coming up to you like that. I mean, what if they get all stabby?

  6. Virginin B says:

    That’s my son-in-law Nikko! He is awesome. His shop is in Hesperia, Black Anchor.

  7. Sarah B says:

    So rad! Its my brother Nikko’s artwork! Glad to see he’s getting some nerd love.

  8. Patti says:

    Those are so awesome!!!! I don’t blame you for taking pics, Chris. I thank you. Wtg on the Star Wars ink, @matthewebone!

  9. The art is epic, but @matthewebone needs to get the knuckles lasered and redone to read “JEDI” and “SITH”…

    … says the nerd with the office job that ensures he’ll never get awesome hand-tats himself.

  10. Rachel says:

    These are fantastic! And your reply was spot-on.

    This weekend, we were driving around with the kids and my son piped up from the back seat with this self-written riddle:

    What planet in Star Wars would be the best place to get a tattoo?

    He’s five, so we helped him “re-write” it by saying, “The best planet to get permanently inked” but still – High-five little Star Wars riddle-writing dude!

  11. Ben @SpaghettiJesus says:

    That is the single most accurate and pithy comment one could make in that situation. Nothing more could be done. You did well master.

    Now to @matthewebone, whose name is awesome on levels. That is awesome art. Whoever the artist is should be feared and respected. Obi Wan looks perfect. I’m just jealous I’m not enough of a man to get that done.

  12. Daniel says:

    What is that on his forearms?