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Neil Gaiman (Pen, on leg, circa 2013)

Jody Steel makes art.

Jody Steel makes art on her legs, with a pen.

Jody Steel drew Neil Gaiman on her leg, with a pen, and Neil Gaiman liked it.

And now, so should the rest of you.

Jody is an exciting artist who has recently taken to this “interesting” medium of ink on upper leg (when she SHOULD be paying attention in her college classes, but hey- I’m not one to judge), and if a look at her current portfolio is any indication, she is someone we’ll be hearing a lot about in the future.

Here is Jody’s take on her art, and a little about herself:

“Currently studying Film Production at Emerson College, I’ve worked on several student thesis films as production designer, concept artist, set dresser, makeup artist, writer, editor, and director. I’ve been hired as an illustrator for ‘Steaming into a Victorian Future: A Steampunk Anthology’ and have been commissioned as a freelance Production Designer, Concept Artist, and Graphic Designer.  I have worked with a variety of mediums and styles ranging from oil painting to experimental film. I aspire to work in the film industry as a concept artist and intend to pursue illustrating and writing. I find motivation and inspiration from my professors, family, and peers.”

Here’s a peek at some of Jody’s art, and stay tuned to her Facebook page for new creations.

And remember to check out her site for more Jody.

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