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Neil Gaiman on Craig Ferguson!!!

In case you missed last night’s Late Late Show, here’s Neil Gaiman’s interview.


What a cool dude. Don’t miss Neil on a Nerdist Podcast in the very near future.

-Kanderson’s TWITTER

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  1. Jens says:

    Awesome und very funny. Late Late Show got one more viewer.
    Greeting from Europe.

  2. PinkMnM says:

    The guy made Tori into a tree 😉

  3. Kedj says:

    Jamie Hyneman is Cthuhu! ROFL

  4. Bobby G says:

    Its nice when someone is famous and they’re nice and just play along with the host. Kevin Pollak had Christopher Guest on his podcast and boy he really came off as an A-hole.

  5. Stephen says:

    This was amazing. Can’t wait for the Gaiman podcast. I can’t tell if I want them to talk about Doctor Who or his books.

    And now I have the overwhelming desire to hear the Queen say “Exterminate!” as much as possible. Thanks, CraigyFerg.

  6. Magnoliafan says:

    Neil genuinely seems to be a nice fellow

  7. Chris C. says:

    That was great! Can’t wait for the podcast!

    If you guys are looking for more Neil, check out last Friday’s episode of “Wits” (MN Public Radio), for Neil, Wil W, the Rift Tracks guys, and Adam Savage performing “I Will Survive” in a gollum voice. It was EPIC!

  8. Kathleen says:

    Best. Awkward Pause. EVER.

  9. Three Toes of Fury says:

    AHHHH!!! Y’all got Neil on nerdist???? AHHHHHH!!!!!!

  10. Aidan says:

    YES! This might mean Amanda Fucking Palmer! That would probably be my favorite non hostful podcast ever.

  11. SlimCharles says:

    weeee! neil gaiman on nerdist! he could bring amanda palmer with him, i wouldn’t mind. but neil gaiman on nerdist!