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Neil deGrasse Tyson Told Stephen Colbert Why The Strawberry Moon Was Meaningless

Remember a couple of days ago when people were excited over the “Strawberry Moon?” Remember how you didn’t know what that meant or why you should care? Well don’t worry, because according to Neil deGrasse Tyson it didn’t mean anything.

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night, the popular astrophysicist talked about various moons (most notably “blue moons” and the very romantic sounding “honey moon”), and while he admitted that some of the names for moons have very cool origins related to our agrarian culture days, he was not sweet on the “Strawberry Moon.”

He had no idea why it’s called “strawberry” in the first place, but he did have a theory on why people cared about it. “Most people want something in the sky to be special and unique to their lifetime on earth,” Tyson said, “This is evidence of a delusional state.”

Sounds about right.

(For the record, the “Strawberry Moon” is just when a full moon occurs during the Summer Solstice. The last one was in 1967, the next one is in 2062.)

Besides moons the two also discussed Tyson’s famous vests, as well as the scientist’s ability to play a room like a jazz musician. Before leaving though Tyson took a quick minute to explain one more moon topic–just who he thinks the woman-in-the-moon is (yes, woman, not man).

Yabba-dabba I do see it.

Now get ready to have your mind blown. The Flintstones were based on The Honeymooners. On The Honeymooners Ralph used to say to his wife Alice, “One of these days, bang, zoom, you’re going to the moon!” COINCIDENCE? Oh, yeah, probably. But still.

Anyway, which “moon” is your favorite in the night sky? Tell us in the comments below.

Image: CBS

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