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Network TV axes have been flying left and right over the last 48 hours. ABC, Fox, and others have canceled several existing shows and passed on a number of projects to make room for their new series pick-ups. At NBC, some of the most devastating news is with today’s cancellations of Community and Revolution.

NBC announced today that they were cutting Community one season short of fans’ plea for six seasons and a movie. Revolution, on the other hand, has only lasted two seasons. There hasn’t been any comment yet from NBC brass as to why, specifically, they’ve dropped both series, but it’s probably somewhere between ratings not meeting expectations from the network, transitioning to new branding, and operating at too much of a cost to justifiably keep going. Sure, those are typical reasons why networks cancel their shows, but Community defied many of those by staying around as long as it did, despite, at times, scoring low ratings.

If it’s any consolation, think about these NBC cancellations like so: though Community and Revolution are gone, NBC is renewing Hannibal, which somehow gets away with being the type of wonderfully dark hour-long drama that you’d normally only get away with on cable. For two seasons, Hannibal has quietly amassed a great portfolio of critical acclaim. Perhaps it’s not the trade you want to make, but NBC could do much worse than keeping Hannibal in exchange for Community and Revolution.

Also, note that Arrested DevelopmentFuturama, and The Comeback have been brought back from the dead, and Community definitely fits the profile for a cult comedy series to be revived. All you have to do is add 7-10 years and a cable network or online streaming giant, then cross your fingers that you won’t just have to watch DVD box sets over and over.

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  1. Samuel says:

    Fucccck y u cancel revolution

  2. Scapegoat says:

    Fuck NBC. Dracula was a great show as were Community and Revolution.. I like Grimm, but would rather see Dracula stay on than it. Hannibal continues to get stranger, but to what end?  It feels like it can’t get too much stranger and they are now just digging for new ideas. Dracula could be told over and over again with new enemies, love affairs, and endless politics, but they can’t seem to figure out what makes a good show. Fuck NBC.

    • Aamil says:

      Hannibal is in every way, wayyyyyyyyyy superior to most cheap adaptations NBC runs. I saw the pilot of Dracula and was instantly put off. Didn’t really care much for that show but Hannibal… now THAT is a masterpiece.

  3. Amanda says:

    It’s the Nano! The nano is making them cancel the show, DAMN YOU NANO!!

  4. The BSK says:

    We all need to write to NBC and tell them to renew REVOLUTION for a 3rd Season! It’s a great show and fans need more of it! Follow the link to NBC, select REVOLUTION from the drop down menu, and then demand they renew REVOLUTION for a 3rd season!

    There are tons of fans doing this. 
    Join the fight!!!

  5. Aamil says:

    “I have never seen a minute of Hannibal and never will!!!”
    The loss is all yours man…

  6. Aamil says:

    Hannibal is a masterpiece but it’s okay, it’s NBC… they’ll cancel it soon too 🙁