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Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern

No, that’s not official but brilliant youtuber jaronpitts stitched together a fan-made trailer that imagines Fillion as such. The trailer is INCREDIBLY crafted, even by studio standards, with what appears to be random footage from Nathan’s career (which I might add I am a huge fan of). I would not be the least bit surprised if this gets BOTH of them the job.

Let’s make this happen through the AWESOME POWER OF THE INTERWEBS! Pass it on!!!

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  1. Melissa says:

    This is amazing! I approve, I GREATLY approve!

  2. gene says:

    Re: Brooke
    You’ve made a good point, there. As of this moment, I’m really only interested in two live-action comic book adaptations: Thor and The Avengers. After that, it’s all icing. Or gravy. Depending on your palate.

    But a GL flick would be cool.

  3. gene says:

    Christ. We live in the future.

  4. nice prank, especially the green hand bitch slappin in the middle 🙂 I see even the creators had fun with the logo lol (on it’s side)

  5. Heath says:

    Re: Brooke

    I think Green Lantern is ripe for the picking though and could be great fun if handled proper. Granted, they didn’t get someone like Geoff Johns to write a script, but at least Martin Campbell is directing.

    I don’t need the validation (The Dark Knight handled that), but I would love to see a Green Lantern movie done right.

    What Hollywood needs to do is focus on script script script more than effects and casting. Story first.

    Yay, or something.

  6. Brooke says:

    Do we really want Hollywood having it’s way with yet another comic? Why? Have we lost our appreciation for the medium? Or do we need validation? Ah . . I guess I’m in the minority here.

  7. J. David Clarke says:

    This does indeed make me jones for a non-existant movie. Thanks!

  8. LisaG says:

    *bug-eyed and speechless*

    This MUST become a film! The person who made this deserves a job paying obscene amounts of money.

  9. Belle says:

    I would like to see him do this movie too! Thanks for the pre-preview(?).

  10. Heath says:

    Planet of the Apes remake as well.

  11. Heath says:

    Pretty cool for a fan made. That music could make nearly anything watchable to be fair though. The edit really sells it too. Well done sir.

    Movies I noticed footage from: The Fountain (props), Fantastic Four 2, random Star Wars prequel, Superman Returns, Star Trek, Matrix Revolutions, Serenity, Slither.

    Any others I’m missing?

  12. Jasmine says:



  13. Cool trailer, but I like the shot of the squirrel as a Lantern. Hilarious.

  14. Elisabeth says:

    wow. I now WANT to see that movie. Send the trailer to WB (if it hasn’t been done already). It would be great to see Fillion in such a movie. Hm. In any genre movie.

  15. Young says:

    That was an awesome fan-made trailer!

    Walker: I’ve also enjoyed Nathan Fillion’s career over the years, and I’d pay good money to see him as the Green Lantern … again and again.

    Tom: I believe the trailer uses music from the new Star Trek movie’s trailer, as well as footage (the HALO drop/jump scene, in particular) and some dialog by Sarek if I’m not mistaken.

    Announcement at Comic-Con? 🙂

  16. Tom says:

    Anyone know what music is used in the background? I swear I’ve heard it before in another trailer. Love it either way.

    Very well done, and I know nothing about Green Lantern, but I’d pay to see that.

  17. Ted says:

    They had me at Ch’p!

  18. Walker says:

    This needs to happen! I’ve been a huge fan of Nathan Fillion since I first saw him in Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place. I was delighted every time I spotted him in a series since then, and now with Firefly/Serenity, Slither, and Castle I’m reduced to embarrassing girlish squees of delight. I’m afraid of how I’ll embarrass myself further if Nathan Fillion gets to play Green Lantern, but gosh darn it that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

  19. trickster D says:


  20. J.P. Manoux says:

    Think Nathan himself is behind the production of this? If so, double genius! Years ago, I made a pre-casting fake trailer for National Treasure cutting myself with scenes from Nicolas Cage’s career. Pretty sure no one ever saw it. What’s a YouTube?

  21. Matt says:

    That trailer is incredible. That is easily one of the best produced fan trailers I have ever seen. If I did not know better, I would have thought it was for the actual movie. Kudos to the internet mastermind who created this.

    Officially convinced that Fillion would make a great Green Lantern.

  22. Deltus says:

    *stares, speechless*

    I can’t quite believe that isn’t a real goddamned trailer for an actual movie that’s been shot! Holy hopped up Christ on a warm cheesey Triscuit, that’s a good trailer. *bows reverently to the maker of that film*

  23. Jeff says:

    That’s amazing! I’d totally see that. Been a huge Nathan Fillion fan for years, let’s get this done!

  24. Brian says:

    OMFG! That was one of the coolest fan trailers I have ever seen. Since GL is one of my favorite DC characters, I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie treatment of it… but only if it looks like this.

  25. Dave says:


    Okay, why, when Hollywood execs greenlight *ahem* a superhero picture, can’t someone at the top look at fan-made stuff like this and go, “Oh, that’s what makes a good superhero movie?”

  26. Hells says:

    YES! This needs to happen.

  27. Keith says:

    I don’t believe the term geekgasm is enough to describe. If only this was real.

  28. ayzsky says:

    Whoa! That was excellent!

  29. Ken says:

    Seems like they used some of the dialog from DCAU’s Justice League: The New Frontier. But yeah — awesome. I’d buy that for a dollar.

  30. Phirm says:

    That trailer is genius. (as is “Clean up in aisle pants!”)

  31. danny6114 says:

    Thanks for the tweet, this is phenomenal

  32. NeuroMan42 says:

    Clean up in aisle pants!