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Naked Therapy?

Naked Therapy Session- N.Y. Daily News

Every theory starts with a hypothesis. New York based therapist Sarah White, 24, believes that naked therapy sessions will enable clients to physically break down the walls of their subconscious and facilitate more honesty. Oh, except you don’t get naked. She does.

White conducts her experiments through web cams or in-person sessions. She is not a licensed therapist because no psychological association approves of “sexual” patient-client interaction. White gives the stripper line of “no touching allowed” and claims her current sessions are merely research for her eventual dissertation. But unless SCORES now has a university, I don’t know who will be funding said dissertation.

Most of her clients just happen to be men. Crazy, I know. But the question is, could there actually be any real therapy going on here? The artist/liberal in me wants to believe that having someone open up to another in such a vulnerable way MIGHT entice the kind of comfort and intimacy needed to share deeply personal insights.

But then again, I’m a girl and I don’t need to see a pair of tits to cry to someone about my childhood.

What do you guys think? Is White a nouveau prostitute, or just an out-of-the-box problem solver?

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  1. al says:

    Exposure therapy has been around for a long time and a naked body can be quite daunting and trigger deep intimacy, body and sexual wounds. In the right environment solid work and growth can happen upon being triggered. I don’t object to this therapy and for many suffering individuals exposing them selves to those germs or those thoughts or in this case a beautiful sexual naked woman can help to make them comfortable with such things. However upon going to her website and seeing her fees, I believe she could be making an impact in more lives if her fees were closer to other exposure style therapists here in NYC and beyond.

    A new nerdist

  2. Mike says:

    Her feet were dirty? For some reason I missed that totally.

  3. aura says:

    I’ve been a stripper for a few years, and there is something to naked therapy. The nights where I have made the most money are simply nights where we talk. People need more than the visuals: The visuals makes it easier for a woman or man to open up.
    Women also open up to naked therapy. But then again, they say that most women are bisexual. There is an increasing number of women visisting the clubs these days with their boyfriends and husbands. And it isn’t just to chaperon them…they are the ones wanting dances and trying to grab. They are asking for advice!

    Its nice someone finally recognized it and attempted to make naked therapy legitimately professional. The no touching rule (except for a hug at the end) and sitting angled to someone, close should be very important, though. Including the “therapist”. She shouldn’t touch herself sexually.

  4. I have heard of sexual surrogates for working through intimacy issues. But that is a 3rd person they bring into the session to work along side the therapist.

    To have both elements embodied in one practitioner I imagine would seem a bit confusing.

  5. Rachael says:

    I have serious Transference issues. I am intrigued how this could stop me from putting my therapist on a pedestal, almost bringing them down to a human level. It’s disappointing to hear that is geared toward men’s sexual need to want women to undress. Mother/Child transference seems so much more powerful. I would love to try this with her.

  6. Tasha says:

    Do what ya want, just get a damn pedicure.

  7. m says:

    It’s a great scheme to make lots of money before her fame runs out. She should get a team together with some “ugly girls” and then see how well that turns out.

  8. bigrad says:

    As an actual licensed psychologist, I wonder where she is “studying therapy” – this is so vague that I imagine she might be an undergrad taking a psych course, or involved in some sort of unaccredited/on-line program. (Notice she says she’s “going to use it for her dissertation”, but doesn’t say if she’s even in a graduate program or if her ‘study’ has been approved by a university).

    If it’s mere satire, it’s kinda funny. Dr. M.

    Since the word “therapy” isn’t regulated, she can use this term regardless of what she does. \

  9. flighty says:

    This “works” because she’s 24 and cute. I’m not sure this would “work” so well when she’s 64 or if she gained 100 lbs.

  10. smartbunny says:

    OH! I didn’t realize the photo at the top of the article was her as well. VERY LOUD LAUGHTER. Apparently it helps her patients when she sticks her ass in the air. That just plunges her whole faux-psych argument into the terlit. Total bullcrap.

  11. smartbunny says:

    So she is the one who is naked, not the patient. AND she slowly strips while the man sits there.


  12. BFP says:

    Damn if her feet are that filthy I don’t want too see anymore

  13. Ben Weldon says:

    Wasn’t this a gag on Family Guy?

  14. readyformysessionnow says:

    I suddenly developed a series of mental issues I need to deal with.

  15. Andrew says:

    I would say she is an out-of-the box problem solver.
    She is solving her student debt problem.
    The bottom line is: Sex sells!!

  16. Anita says:

    I’m more interested in why she could not wash her feet before taking that picture.

  17. Patrick says:

    It’s interesting from a social phenomenon sense. It’s not real psychology. It is an interesting modern form of “erotic performance.”

  18. DefconDan says:

    Doctor there’s something I have to get off on your chest.. I mean off your chest… I mean off MY chest!!!!

    She is cute but naked? Really? @d is right… better to spend your money at the local strip joint.. at least you will get some lap dances out of the deal.

  19. Link says:

    There’s a level to which it feels a lot like a gimmick, but actually when you called her a “nouveau prostitute” it actually raises an interesting idea.

    There’s a lot of prostitutes/escorts who will say that they frequently get hired for an evening and end up just talking; that that person has no one really to discuss their issues with, can’t/won’t face the idea of therapy and wants zero pressure. Naked therapy could actually be tapping into that market and providing someone with actual training to these people.

    But my gut says it’s just a “hur hur boobs” story.

  20. Wm. (Spacezombie) says:

    Sounds like a bullshit gimmick to me. You know what’s not a good idea? Putting emotionally fucked-up men alone in a room with a naked woman.

  21. d says:

    @ $150/hour heart felt therapy can be found at your local strip club, and doesn’t require three sessions to “voice chat”, it usually comes for free for the first 30 minutes if your not an ass.

  22. mp says:

    Don’t most psychology majors end up as strippers?

  23. Annecoultersadamsapple says:

    Maybe if she was just naked we could talk about it being a trust exercise but the whole stripping while your patient talks just makes it a tacky gimmick.

  24. ffaelan condragh says:

    I think, as a photographer, I would not have let here put her dirty feet in the frame.

  25. Hudsoncapps says:

    It sounds a little like using chocolate to elevate your mood. It makes you feel better chemically and that can be important to jump start an emotional catharsis but if it’s overdone it could lead to far greater problems (objectification of women etc…). I wouldn’t feel a “therapeutic” effect, I would probably just feel a tightness in my trousers.