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MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH Premiere Heads to Hallowed Ground (Exclusive)

When it comes to the world of MythBusters, the Alameda Runway isn’t just some abandoned piece of Naval property used to destroy things in the name of science, it is sacred ground where countless myths were busted and confirmed in the most spectacular of ways. Which is why there is no better place to bring a group of hopeful contestants, vying to be the next wave of mythbusting leaders, to see what they’re capable of.

In this exclusive clip from the premiere episode of MythBusters: The Search, the reality competition show seeking a new generation of scientists to check out the veracity of some famous–and infamous–myths, the group headed out to the iconic Alameda Runway to test out their car ejector seats. That’s where the show’s host and the contestants’ guide, Nerdist’s very own Kyle Hill, introduced them to special guest judge and honorary MythBuster, the high flying and legendary formula drift driver Conrad Grunewald, who showed off some of the moves that made him such an important contributor to MythBusters in the past.


MythBusters: The Search premieres this weekend(!!!), Saturday, January 7th on the Science Channel, and as an extra, awesome bonus, Kyle will be live-tweeting along with the East coast airing, starting at nine Eastern time. So make sure you follow along with him at @Sci_Phile.

Which you should do anyway, because where else can you get science facts you can actually use like this?

And if you can’t wait for MythBusters: The Search, check out the AMA Kyle did at Reddit this week.

What question do you have for Kyle? What are you most hoping to see on MythBusters: The Search? Let us know the answers to these questions and more in the comments section below.

Images: Science Channel

Don’t miss the trailer for MythBusters: The Search!

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