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MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH Finale Clip Sees the Final Foursomes Join Forces (Exclusive)

They’ve made working boats out of cardboard, found needles in haystacks, fired guns while wearing blindfolds, painted with explosives, tried safely landing a plane, been covered head to toe with bugs and rats, and crashed some very strange bicycles, all in the name of science yes, but also to earn a spot as an all new mythbuser. But before MythBusters: The Search can name the second generation of leaders for the show, the final four contestants will need to prove they possess arguably the two most important traits of them all: the ability to work as a cohesive team, and whether or not they can build a kickass rocket.

In this exclusive clip from the show’s season finale this Saturday, host and Nerdist’s very own Science Editor Kyle Hill tells the final four contestants that they won’t be split up for their last challenge, but instead will all work together to test the classic MythBusters topic of a water heater rocket. Only unlike Jamie and Adam, they’ll have to see if it can be flown out of a prison yard with a parachute wearing Buster on board, to test if he you can safely escape to (stunt dummy) freedom. If the model test shown in the clip is any indication, this finale will quite literally be explosive.

As Kyle explains, the four-day build (the longest of the series), poses a number of unique challenges that the original team didn’t have to worry about:

  1. How to get Buster onto the water heater and keep him there.
  2. Making the rocket fly like an actual passenger vehicle, and not have it go spinning out of control.
  3. Getting a mannequin to “pull” a parachute cord and land safely.
  4. Doing all of that only using “prison materials.”

It’s a tall order, easily the most difficult faced by Brian, Martin, Tamara, and Jon. But when you’re trying to fill the giant shoes left behind by the original team, you have to show you can send Buster soaring on a makeshift rocket.

As Kyle says, “That is classic MythBusters.”


What is totally new though is the fact that the finale will be broadcast live. After showing how they tackled the myth, the four contestants will find out who among them will be named a brand new mythbuster in front of the whole world at Jersey City’s Liberty Science Center, against the backdrop of their Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition, an interactive exhibit currently on display there.

We promise, we have no inside scoop from Kyle about whom will win, but we can honestly say we think the final four all deserve to be there, and each would make for great mythbusters (as would have Allen who went home last week). So needless to say we can’t wait to find out ourselves when the season finale of the expertly hosted MythBusters: The Search airs this Saturday night at 9 p.m. Eastern on the Science Channel.


Who do you think should be named an all new mythbuster: Martin, Tamara, Jon, or Brian? Which task that they faced was your favorites? We’re testing out what you thought of the show down in our comments section below, and it’s confirmed: we want to hear what you have to say.

Images: Science Channel

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