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Video Exchange w/ Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill

Words not sufficient for brain to express joy-splosion! Words weird come out brain now. Suffice it to say that this li’l Who fan’s dreams have become infinitely more fulfilled now.


Then listen to “Whoptopia” the special “Who & A” chat with Steven Moffat and the cast of Doctor Who this Friday on the Nerdist Podcast! There are NO SPOILERS! Just fan generated Qs & As!!!

Good prep for the series 6 premiere of Doctor Who, Saturday April 23rd at 9/8C on BBC America.

And just to let the 1000 Person Orchestra from Boston know, the cast was quite pleased with your performance! I watched it with them (which I only felt QUITE weird about). Well done, young Whovians!!!

Also, here’s the 8-bit Doctor Who theme!

(PS – we just launched our YouTube channel,! Subscribe for video Nerdist happenings!)

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  1. Ed says:

    This is super ignorant, but why is the video showing up as private to me? Any ideas?


  2. Kailan says:

    This makes everything so clomeptely painless.

  3. Justin says:

    Dude…I am so jealous right now.

  4. Dave says:

    I hate you! I wanna’ meet them too! Thanks for making the rest of us “lower lifeforms” feeeeeel sooo good, LOL!

  5. Chuck Wilton says:

    Ok, my name is not Chris Hardwick and I got chills. You must have peed when you squeed.

    You lucky, lucky bastard.

  6. Big Ben says:

    that is just too awsome! You get to meet George Mcfly! *ahem* I mean Matt Smith!

  7. Your pal Bob says:

    I just got around to watching this after listening to the Doctor Who panel podcast and I got a little misty. What a sweet group of people! Just lovely.

  8. Dave Hobbs says:

    That was F*cking awesome!! Best thing I saw all week!

  9. Michelle says:

    @Jon & Dylan H:
    One of the great things about DW is you can pretty much drop in anywhere & get it. (Gaiman & Moffat have said the same.) Start with this premier, you’ll love it, and then go back however far you want. Seasons 1-4 of “new Who” are on Netflix Instant. (FWIW, I was in NY, so I’m not just assuming the awesomeness of this season opener.)

    A fan-favorite “gateway” episode is Moffat’s “Blink” from season 3. You can’t go wrong with that one. Have fun! Best. Show. Ever. Geronimo!

  10. Brian E. says:

    Total Squee. Amazing stuff.

  11. Misty says:

    That is AWESOME.

    Also, my 3 year old recognized the theme from your midi. #raisingmykidsright

  12. @Leona_Morgan says:

    That made my insides feel all warm and mushy, like frozen custard that has been left in the sun….

  13. waxlion says:

    I’m so pleased that they’re actually doing a running gag with “Karen and the Babes.”

  14. nater says:

    Think of all the great shows that kept a revolving door of lead actors like Star Trek, Sienfeld, and Cheers. Dr. Who is this centuries Bewitched with their unwillingness to pay actors. Rose Tyler anyone? Show blows.

  15. Eulissa says:

    ha! i love this! i was lucky enough to have you share it with me the night you got it!!! good times! especially enjoyed how you reverted to a 8yr old when you talked about getting to meet them in a few days. awesome memory!

  16. So much WIN!…Obviously.

  17. Kat says:

    Excuse me, I have to go clean up. I just squeed all over myself. 😀

    BTW, Joysplosion is the name of my new cover band. 🙂

  18. Jon says:

    I’m in the same position as Dylan H. There is a one-hour highlight/recap show titled “Doctor Who Rewind” right before the season premiere, but I’d like to know if I’d be robbing myself of the enjoyment of the first 5 seasons and this upcoming season if I watched the rewind show and then the premiere vs. recording this season on my DVR and watching it only after I catch up this summer.

  19. Nevidge says:

    Move over adorable and hilarious cats, there’s a new “Greatest Thing EVARRR!” on the internets and it is this!!!!!

  20. Love Karens signing, actually, I LOVE KAREN!!!

  21. Akina says:


    I envy you so much Chris.

  22. Mary says:

    That just made my day, and I had a really crappy day. Those three are amazeballs, and this is why we love them, and then we love you for loving them (in such a slightly weird way) and I really hope that you guys discuss that video on the podcast thingy.

  23. Lizzie says:

    …OK, I freakin’ LOVE you people. Y’all know just how to fill my nerdly heart with joy. 😀