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My 5 Favorite Tumblr Blogs


Growing up, I was a junkie for talk-shows because I loved peering into other people’s lives. Now, I can do that anytime day or night thanks to the world of blogging. I keep my own blog on Tumblr, so that’s where I read the most. I’ve assembled a handy list of my favorite Tumblr blogs and I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard of most them.

1) Crap at My Parents’ House – This blog is the brainchild of comedian/author Joel Dovev. It is quite simply an homage to the horrifically bad taste so many of our parents have. The blog relies on user-generated content and Dovev provides the biting punchlines. I imagine many of the photos are taken from the homes of hoarders. Crap At My Parent’s House was also just turned into a coffee table book. It is both appalling and hilarious.

2) Jazz Hands For Life – This is the online diary of Tricia Eguren, who is known for her provocatively funny tweets. But don’t be fooled by the upbeat title. Her posts are part suicide note, part self-deprecating humor. She writes with the candor of an anonymous blogger and divulges everything about her inner demons as she tries to navigate through a life she doesn’t always want to live. I’ve never read such raw and vulnerable truths online from a person who didn’t conceal her identity. She claims she’s never had an orgasm, so the least you can do is give her a follow!

3) Smethanie – Comic Stephanie McMaster lets you into her world as a single mom, touring comedienne and writer. She juggles all three along with her mother’s recent cancer diagnosis. Sound heavy? Don’t worry, she takes it all in stride and finds the humor in her day to day life. She also travels with her Curious George doll and their Intstagram pics are worth a follow alone.

4) I’m Remembering! – As a product of the 80’s, this blog speaks to my inner child. I’m Remembering! is nostalgia at its best. Each post is an old ad or toy from the 80’s and early 90’s. This blog jogs your memory with posts from Teddy Ruxpin to Fun Dip and everything in between. Instead of making you feel old, this blog delights with memories you forgot you had.

5) Twaggies – Twaggies brings your favorite tweets to life. The site illustrates funny tweets cartoon-style and gives you the visual you didn’t think you needed. A variety of artists work on the blog, so each illustration has its own artistic feel.

Those are my picks! And if that’s not enough you can always follow my Tumblr blog, too.





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  1. Angelina says:

    Please read and share my blog

    Hilarious blog about being unemployed >>>>

    Description: Just another college graduate trying to make it in the world– A humor blog about my job search.

  2. Rachael says:

    Have you found AnimalsTalkingInAllCaps & Hungover Owls on tumblr? They are my favorites!