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Music Geek Track Of The Week: “Throw”


Recently I went on a road trip and put together an awesome road trip playlist consisting of everything from Spice Girls to Fleet Foxes to Paul Simon to Youth Lagoon. Little did I know that, despite the hours I spent putting together the PERFECT 7 hour playlist (for my 2 hour drive), I wouldn’t need any of it, for I listened to this ONE SONG on repeat for what seems to be the last week and a half.

The time has come. I knew it would happen. I have finally found a quality mashup worth posting on Nerdist. Though I will be honest, I definitely wouldn’t have guessed it would consist of Blink 182, David Guetta, Rich Boy, and Marvin Gaye, but life can still surprise us. This may be the bro-iest track I’ve ever posted… And I definitely didn’t run it by Matt G., my co-nerd-music-soulmate (because he would tell me I suck, probably), but if you don’t mildly swing your hips, bop your head or tap your foot, then I will slap myself in the face.

This song was put together by D. Veloped, an artist I can’t seem to find much about, no matter how many google searches I do, but his Soundcloud page is most definitely something worth checking out. So please, chuck your preconceived notions about David Guetta/Blink 182 remixes out the window and give this one a chance, Nerds! For it will make you smile on the most terrible of days!

P.S. Please throw some of your favorite remixes down in the comment section (see what I did there?)! I would love to hear them!

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  1. Ash says:

    The most well-executed mashup ive ever heard was Green Day and Oasis, melds together perfectly! Give it a go and and id love to know what u think.

  2. Ian says:

    Aw yeah, love this song. Check out D.veloped’s Childish Games.

  3. DJ ShyBoy says:

    Check out my mashup of James Brown with Flo Rida. It will make you feel good feelings 🙂