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Music Geek Track Of The Week: Daft Punk featuring Jay-Z’s “Computerized”

Rappers rap about a lot of things: boats, hos, shoes, money, etc. Jay-Z decided to get a little nerdy with our favorite super-human-robots, Daft Punk, and rap about… you guessed it, TECHNOLOGY!

Though his tech knowledge was a wee-bit outdated, his lyrics include, “Start mackin’ on my black berry / she got jealous I was tappin’ on my Blackberry” also, “I guess it got faster but colder / We iChat, that’s how she comes over / That’s better than not seeing her.” It’s almost cute. He raps about phones like I imagine my dad would.

Regardless, the track is futuristic, electronic, funky and everything we love about Daft Punk. Listen!

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  2. Coyote Wiley says:

    This was god awful. I’ve heard low budget stuff way better than this. Yo, Jay Z … stick to “Money Ain’t A Thing”, G …

  3. Love Daft Punk. Can usually enjoy Jay-Z. Desperately need an instrumental of this (sorry Jay).

  4. Carrie says:

    I heard they were going to colab but that was fast. Sound pretty good.

  5. keegan says:

    Was the background song from their tron album?

  6. Jessica Duffy says:

    I feel like Daft Punk made this song and then Jay-z put in his rap over top of it. It feels very out of place. the song minus jay-z is really classic daft punk which is sad that it has to jay-z stuff on it.

  7. Erik says:

    Is there any way to get this track without that idiot trying to talk over the cool music?