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Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Repeat Stuff’ by Bo Burnham

For few years now we have been using the Music Geek Tracks as mechanisms to introduce you guys to new music we love in the spheres of rock, pop, electropop, hip-hop and more. Generally, we stray from the kind of mindless top-40 (though sometimes its not so bad!) tracks that make you want to stab yourself straight in your ears and then self-sacrifice in some sort of off-the-beaten-path Wiccan death ceremony (just stick with the regular kinds, amirite??). However, we always try to stay positive about the landscape of music, because there is so much negativity as is, and quite frankly it exhausting to be crabby and hypercritical.

That’s why its great when artists do the heavy lifting for us! Enter Bo Burnham: YouTube phenom, wise sage of the digital age, pretend misanthropist, and scathing critic of stupid shit that we all do pretty much all of the godamn time.

When Burnham released what. last year, an impressive fusion of standup comedy, performance art, I found myself rewatching specific bits, knowing full well that it was meant to be watched front-to-back. I couldn’t help myself–his performance of “Repeat Stuff”, an extremely catchy parody of the overmarketed, mega contrived pulp that we, as an amorphous unthinking mass, regularly subject ourselves to is a brilliant piece of satire.

Today we get the accompanying visuals in which we see Beiber-Bo essentially transmogrify into a hulking satanic entity who is bent on skewing our perceptions of happiness, beauty and reality. The sad part is that he is not far off at all. Sure there is smart pop music, but there is waaaaay more dumb shit out there, and I am super happy to add “Repeat Stuff” to the former.

Speaking of “repeating stuff” how many times do you guys think you’ll end up watching this video? Word on the street is that there are a lot of freeze frame subliminal messages.

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  1. Ardisfoxx says:

    Well he certainly turned the weirdness up to eleven on the video… personally I liked the live version in what. better.

    • Zenny says:

      Ha. I said almost exactly the same thing when I shared this video. The live version is much better, but the video is pretty fun.

  2. Anthony says:

    I’ve caught these freeze frames so far towards the end: “Michael Clarke Duncan is alive and living in Ames, Iowa”, “This is all an illusion”, “Dissent is death”, “God died in 1993”, “Accept convenience fees”